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i had a wicked cool idea for a t-shirt design in screen printing but paranoid little me is not going to announce it yet for fear of someone stealing it..HUZZAH!

didnt do my computer applications paper. i dont care about cookies in cyberspace. ill do it this weekend. also have to do a project on the magna carta by monday and i have to speak in front of the class..alone..eep!

did my chinese project today with Em and Nathalie. i think it turned out rather well =D the chinese culture is very fascinating and i really appreciate Tiff's mom for allowing me to interview her.

i feel bad for being too tired to talk to tavis last night, but he got home late as he does every thursday and i was just so dead tired..i even took a nap in the afternoon i really have no excuse! i sleep too much..but i dont know why ive felt even more tired than i should be. *sigh*
ah well.

i wanna work on some more. im really psyched now =D sadly tonight i wont get to cuz ill be with my dad, but dad has a bunch of stuff we made for the site maybe i can e-mail it all to Tavis theres an idea!
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