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unfairness in the animation business

why is it that when theres a new animated movie out that has very memorable characters they dont make nearly enough merchandise..and if they do, its never of the character you want?

for example...Balto didnt have that much merch to begin with..and its very hard to find and most of its of kinda iffy quality *ie: the Hardees toys..blech* they never have any Steele toys or plushies, and if they do..its like a blow up..whatever that thing was or maybe one figurine..but no plushies??!! i would LOVE to have a steele plush!

another example...TLK. lots of memorable characters in that, right? and now that its come back into Imax youll see tons of Simbas to choose from at the disney, baby, whatever you want...*though it would be interesting to have an adolescent simba plush*
only once in my life have i seen a large Scar plush. and thats the only Scar plush ive seen aside from the beanie *which i have..i also have a plastic toy.* but that beanie was the last one left and ive never seen another one since! i mean..i know SOOOO many people who adore scar as much as i did, even moreso, but does our opinion matter? no. i think it has something to do with the fact that Steele and Scar are the "evil badguys" but why is it that Shere Khan has his own large plush form in the disney store with this sequel? they even had one from when the first movie came out! *i want a shere khan plush..its on my birthday list hint hint..*

then theres movies that just refuse to sell any kind of merch whatsoever...such as Balto 2. that was a bad move on their part..even though i hated the movie i still would have bought an Aleu plush.

TLK 2 should have had adult Kovu plushes..i LOVE Kovu.

so yeah..thats my rant about failure to meet the plushy needs of the fans that support these movies in the first place. honestly...Disney and Universal should take a look at the furry fandom, then theyd realize the mass obsession with TLK, Balto and the secret of NIMH, the Fox and the Hound and theyd make bank! their loss i suppose.
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