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the simple pleasures in life

yes, Thorn has a good side..bust most of you knew that already. im not some ranty she-wolf all out to find everything wrong with the right now im goint to share some simple things in life that make me happy

-the way that, right after it rains, everything is greener than it has ever been before in comparison to the gray sky
-finally sitting down after a long day of walking
-when dad tries to hide the fact that hes crying at a movie
-when mom randomly calls me up to say "i love you"
-the way my grandpa, whenever i spent the night at his house, would come in my room in the middle of the night and cover me up with blankets, and watch me all night to make sure i was warm
-the way dogs act like they havent seen you in a million years even when youve been gone 2 minutes
-when parakeets "kiss" *yes i know theyre really vomiting to each other but its still cute*
-that first 15 minutes after i first see Tav in the airport, its like seeing him for the first time all over again and i get the feeling of brand new love
-meeting someone who has the exact same interests as you
-finding out an artist i admire so much actually admires me just as much in return
-the way that Tav sniffs my hair and sighs while hugging me a big long hug, and i can smell his chest...*ever notice someones special scent comes from a specific area on their body? mine comes from my head and his comes from his chest..perfect since im that height anyways and vice versa*
-when a friend gives me a "thinking of you" card, just because *hugs Tiff*
-when all my friends are together in once place and were having a really good time..god im gonna miss that when we all go to college
-when my dogs dreaming and she starts woofing at nothing
-when im at Tavs house waiting for him to come home and i hear Bridget pull up *varoom varoom...even though she now has a muffler and shut up a bit*
-when Tav comes through the door after ive been waiting for him forever and i get a big long hug
-when Tav surprises me with a little card or present or just a simple call to say "i love you"
-when my mom tries her hardest to make "our night out" the most special ever
-when my grandpa threw a surprise party for my 8th birthday and i got a pony..after i was crying and thinking all day long everyone forgot me
-sleeping puppies. they can be the most hellish beasts when theyre awake but when theyre asleep theyre perfect
-knowing its freezing cold inside but youre nice and toasty and snuggly inside
-knowing someone who totally pissed you off last week is paying for it big time this week
-when my prayers get answered immediately
-when God looks out for my loved ones and i never asked for it/deserved it
-when people admit when theyre wrong. *thats a big one*
-unconditional love
-running through snow *minus scary snowmen*
-when i find something ive been looking for for years
-when i make a new friend who likes me for me
-when people take me seriously for once and listen to what i have to say
-the way my eyes look different with each item of clothing i wear
-bushy guy eyebrows *nuzzles Tav*
-when someone massages my scalp
-cleaning my ears * feels sooo good*
-being petted like a kitten..*its very relaxing. i suggest you try it*
-when im the first person people think of when they want to invite a friend somewhere
-when people comment on my LJ *i know i dont always comment back, but i assure you, i read it and enjoy it thoroughly*
-when i write an artist an e-mail of appreciation and they write back with more than "thanks."
-deep sleep
-good dreams * i have so few *
-when i catch the perfect wave that takes me all the way to shore without a hitch...and i dont lose my bathingsuit
-swimming when its REALLY hot out
-the feeling of relief i get when i find out someone i was worried about is going to be okay *like today and that oil refinery explosion..gah!*
-when dad and i see a scary movie that have horrible car accidents in it *final destination 2* and we take 2 cars home, but if he gets ahead of me he waits for me on the side of the road cuz hes just as scared as i am..
-when you JUST miss a potentially bad collision *like tonight*
-when grandma puts out a bowl of black olives along with her hourz duerves *my dad and i snack on olives like people snack on crackers*
-the phonecall from my puppy boy just as hes just arrived home safe
-when i open my bedroom door and theres a card, present or a note from mom on the floor
-when my dad rejoices in the fact that he kept a promise..cuz deep down he knows he never does...and i just enjoy the fact that he remembered
-when im not too tired to watch Adult Swim on a school night
-when grandma admits to me her true feelings instead of wearing the "mask" she always wears around the rest of the family..shes not as tough as she acts really..
-when my cousin comes to visit me right around when im having major problems with the rest of the family and he talks me through things..even if its just for an hour
-when my cousin comes to town and doesnt call anyone but me *shhh* and kidnaps me for a few hours
-when i learn that a family member is actually interested in the same things i am
-looking through old pictures
-planning joyous things for the to birthday...
-when ive gone a week without biting my nails *but then i realize it and start up again*
-when everything is going my way.

i hope this inspired you to think of the things that make you happy, cuz i tell you what, i sure as hell feel a LOT better. =)
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