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final destination 2 and earthshattering fun

do not see it unless you are completely desensitized. i watched it with dad last night and there were like..MAJOR car crashes...then i had to drive back to his house alone. i was driving in the slow lane the whole say *so was dad, he was just as scared as i was* and there was a rug that had fallen off a truck in the lane next to me. one car swerved and almost hit my tail end but luckily i saw him and sped up so he wouldnt hit me....that was scary. so then i caught up to dad and he was waiting for me in his truck along side of the road. he was worried about me and that rug too. lol! its amazing how we both got scared, especially cuz most guys dont admit it, but it was a good movie. bad acting, but very suspenseful. i sure hope movies dont get worse than that though as far as gore goes. *barf*

on another note...did anyone in California feel those earthquakes last night?! i counted 2 big ones, 2 little aftershock type ones. you east coasters can laugh it up. we seriously dont get as many earthquakes as you think we do...honest. the last one i remember was halloween '01. that was a BIG one..but fast...theyre fun but scary at the same time. not like tornadoes..*is terrified of them*

i have this pic im working on thats in the style of "LuffWuffs". sort of a "for fun" project i work on when im in class. im gonna finish it tonight and catch up on a few "must do's"
then ill post away!

i also found a prom dress today! YAAAAY! i had to special order it though but the size i tried on fits perfectly. its dark blue with a see through black over...thingy..with patterns on it. its gorgeous and SOFT! one less thing to worry about =) finally getting a new mattress!!! WOO HOO! thank you daddy!! =D
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