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i got a job!!

finally! i got a job at Off The Grill...its a restaurant thats somewhere in between fast food and a regular sit down restaurant. picture Pick up Stix, and there ya have it. they serve steaks and bbq and filet mignon. you know...american meat and potatoes type stuff but it sure smells good in there *drool*

the manager seems very sweet and he just started up 2 people today so he said hell start me next week and give me a call tuesday *grins* im so happy!
ill probably be getting minimum wage but at this point its more than im making with my art...and it will be a steady job. and besides, at least ive gotten over that "first job" obstacle. no one wants to hire people as their first job for some reason...

oh yeah..and on a totally unrelated note..Kat im wearing the Thongwolf Thong. =D EETS COMFY!! no joke its like the best one i own. *grin!*
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