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heres a recap of today:

-woke up thinking my dream about skydiving and landing in the dirty icky water between staten island and manhatten was true...ultimate..nightmare(yes i had one of those early morning brain farts from dreams past)
-went to school, realized i totally didnt read the chapters i was supposed to for english.
-everyone was quiet and reading so of COURSE my stomach had to start growling like a rabid wolverine..totally embarrassing me. i went out and got a twix bar and came back into class and munched
-shivered at break..(cold and rainy)
-did another spreadsheet and took a test in computer applications *snooze* meanwhile listening to the useless stories of the people sitting in my row.
-it was POURING on my way down to to the student parking lot so naturally i got completely drenched..and a car splashed water on me..*sighs*
-went home, changed, talked to tavy wavy (our anniversary)
-Travis and i ordered lunch from Off The Grill (i work there now, might as well test out the food..and it is DAMN GOOD)
-we watched the original jungle book, meanwhile mocking the sequel
-colored my clerks pic
-talked to tavis about my site
-worked on site graphics
-fixed masamunes LJ icon
-now im sitting here typing this bored outta my mind.

i think i just LOOK for things to do now. pathetic i am.
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