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stole this from EVERYBODY! =D

I am not: Tall, mean spirited
I love: Drawing, My wuffer boy, my fam and friends, animals
I hate: no one really
I fear: Ghosts/supernatural beings, violence, dying young and slowly and painfully
I hope: my parents raise some college money for me
I hear: the clacking of the computer keys
I crave: brownies
I regret: dating the gregs
I cry: when im angry/frustrated/threatened
I care: but i dont always seem like it
I always: am sleepy =)
I believe: im here for a purpose
I feel alone: All the time, but i like it most of the time
I listen: to other peoples probs
I hide: under my covers in the dark
I drive: my friends around town all the time
I sing: in the shower
I dance: when im alone and feeling stupid
I write: in my journal WAY too much
I play: with random objects while talking ont he phone
I miss: my mate
I search: for that horrible smell thats coming from outside
I learn: photoshop skills from the books daddy got me *SEE! I USE THEM I SWEAR!*
I feel: itchy..ALL..THE TIME
I know: something you dont know
I say: whatevers on my mind, be it random or not
I succeed: when i maintain focus
I dream: of scary things...nightmares and death and falling all the time.
I wonder: how many licks it takes to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop
I want: to be financially secure
I have: people who love me, talent that keeps improving, and many blessings
I give: and give and give and this is the thanks i get? *wearing curlers for effect*
I fell: in love with a male version of myself. hows that for narcissism?
I fight: not enough. dammit..i have so much pent up energy i wanna get it out in fist fight form =D *is too confrontational*
I need: a snuggle buddy *sighs* *hugs her Jack Skellington doll*
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