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Tiffalynx and XianJaguar are my favorite spottycats!

boy i had such a great weekend! here was my day with Tiff:
we went into Downtown San Diego to take pictures. we went to "The Art Store" and drooled over the kewly yet expensive art supplies. they have SOOOOO MUCH STUFF!! you wouldnt believe it. i seriously could spend a million dollars in one day in that store and never use all the stuff!!
i bought 2 brush terra cotta and one dark brown...and one sort of a micron pen look alike that was the terra cotta color.
we then walked around and took some pictures in Little Italy * a little italian subdivision in downtown...very cute*
Tiff then took me to this place where they restore architecture and they had old doors, old doorknobs, old tubs with the feet *squee!* and old 50's style streamlined ovens =D oh it was so cool!!!! then we started talking about how these things were so old..what if you bought a haunted doorknob that when you put it on your door, your door became a portal to hell or you just got ghosts in your house or something. "my doorknobs haunted...can i exchange it?" XD
we walked around and took some pictures of some really odd looking houses, sparrows in fences and the "old hook and laddder company" fire department/museum with big red old fashioned fire trucks and stuff. afterwards, we went to horton plaza *to get godiva chocolate* and looked around for prom dresses..only to no avail =( but hot topic was cool...yet overpriced as usual. we also got a corn dog on a stick and barfed when we saw a chubby little 8 year old cheerleader with too much makeup *yes..she was about 8* and her mom had a shirt on that said "cheer mom". honestly. why do parents support that kinda thing. she had WAAAAAY too much makeup on for a child.
so yeah then we went back home...twas fun *snugs Tiff* thank you for driving! *enjoyed the ride*

My day with XianJaguar *today*

had a WONDERFUL drive up to enjoy the interstate 5 in all its palm tree/retro building/ocean/nuclear power plant splendor. gah california is so gorgeous!
Met up with Xian at her apartment..and i must say....WOW! her complex is SOOO FARKING AWESOME! they have cool little grassy picnic areas and ponds and creeks and Koi! yes!! FISH! we got to feed the fish and they eat out of your hand! *suck suck suck* theyre silly =D and oh so kyoot!
when we got back from the fish pond, Blizzard scared us by yelling at us from the balcony...then we went in the house and chatted for a bit until he had to go to work. i then took Brenda out to Red Robin...seated AWAY from children of course =)
mmmm..strawberry lemonade and burgers..yummy yummy!!
then we went back to her place and drew up a storm! we had little mini art challenges. the first one was "draw two anthros kissing"....0_o it didnt work out. the muzzles get in the way!! Xians of course looked awesome...mine looked lopsided. blarg. next challenge..."draw a rhino without reference". we did actually pretty good but we both got the eyes wrong...we both needed to put them farther down on the head and bug them out. *tee hee*
she then worked on an art trade and i doodled her some little piccies of her and Blizzard and drew a dire wolf and a "stupid fan girl reference sheet" complete with l33t speak, baggy pants, no feet, bangs that cover the eyes, stolen art, thong, anarchy symbol tattoo *you rebel you*, DO NOT STEAL! notice, signature and copyright notice signed along the drawing trying to be like Sabby and Huskie,HUGE poofy tail and flames on the pant legs. im evil, yesh i am =)
Xian also gave me a goodie bag with my X-mas presents *shes so sweet* and some extra dealies =D *huggles*
heres what i got:
the framed original of her Thornwolf "i love dead things" pic with the skull
a print i "won" off of furbid she didnt charge me for *silly Jaguar! i wuv you though"
a "We Are Wolves" childrens book Tav and i had been oggling at the book store a few months prior its so cute!
godiva chocolate *gasp!!!! i love you forever!!!!*
and lots of stickers she made herself!

Thank you Xian!!! *huggles*
now i "owe" you =D hardy har har!

thanks again for a wonderful day *grinnies*

so afterwards i drove home..but in my haste and because i was distracted by Five Iron Frenzy and the Supertones..i missed the exit for the instead i took the LegoLand exit and drove past my old carlsbad house *sigh* god i miss that house....i love carlsbad...
and now im home. bored....
well at least i have tomorrow off ;)
and i get to pick up my prom dress!!

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