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some good news and some thoughts....

woo hoo! Gryllus gave me a +1 on my yerf app and had some very kind things to say *grin* that means i now have a +3! id have to get a -2 and a -1 from the next two reviewers to not be accepted *crosses claws*

ive been thinking..i watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" today and...i realized..i really wish i had some sort of cultural association. Tavis has his Italian family with their huge christmas eve fish dinners *which are good except for the octopi*. he also has his Irish family. Tiffany has her Chinese culture..what do i have? nothing. we have no culture. im just a flat out mutt with no identification. im german, cherokee, and have lots of european crap..but..nothing to identify with. and what the hell IS the american culture anyway? its just a mishmash of everything. im not quite sure i like it. i dont like american food. its cheap, and its all i can afford most of the time..but id much rather have sushi, or pasta..
the only custom my family has is we have a dish of black olives at every party that my dad and i gorge ourselves on. and then of course theres the ritual fight at every get together. *sigh*
maybe i can make up my own culture...or adopt Tavis'. i like what he has. hes lucky.
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