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such lovely drama to wake up to...

so i thought my problems were over with rabid question boy *or girl?* but noOOOOooo! this is what i woke up to this morning..
"Thorn Wolf, could I get your plain old screen name? It's probably Thorn Wolf, Right? And what state and city do you live in?


PS Have you checked out this site yet? It's It has AMAZING wolf drawings! Go to it if you haven't already!"

its a good site, you should go to it.

But as for that e-mail im starting to get a little scared....why does he want to know all that personal info right off the bat? *is cautious*

Then he wrote me yet ANOTHER e-mail. yes...2 e-mails side by side...
"When I wanted to know how to send pictures by e-mail done in photoshop, paint, and image ready, I think you forgot to answer! And, how do you save a picture on image ready, cause I can't, and Why can't you draw on the gray and white checker board thingie, because I can only do the glows from the styles with pictures that aren't mine with that back ground! And there's only two pics I can do that with: Sabarika, and a balto pic.

~ Iditarod"

wait..lemme get this straight, hes using MY pictures??? WTF? never ONCE did i say he could do that! oh he is SO going down.
gift pics are one thing but to not even ask me if he could alter my pics? and theyre not even MY characters!! Luckily Sabby's gone and i can tell her later WHEN IVE TAKEN CARE OF IT. as for balto, where in the heck did he get any balto pictures? i dont think i have any on VCL except for Engel's avatar...whats up with that?

Okay, this is what i wrote him. can you tell i sound a little annoyed?

wait a minute, are you using MY drawings? because you have no permission to do that. You never asked me. Unless you are doing a pic of Sabarika on your own, i suggest you cease and desist from using my artwork for anything. In the future please ask.

whats image ready? i have no idea what that is.

you cant draw on the checkerboard because it means theres no background. make another layer by going to layer/new layer.

dont expect me to teach you all there is to know about photoshop im not a machine and i do not teach for a living so there for im not good at it.

hope that helps

*rubs temples* im too tired for this...
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