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i hate shopping

Kura and i went all the way to temecula *a 45 minute drive* to pick up my prom dress only to find out that they had ordered the wrong color. it was black instead of dark blue. blarg!!! oh well. at least i have tons of time until prom for them to get it right. and we got ice cream =D so it was yummy..

i spent time with somewhat of an old flame today, Greg..better known as "Lang" in my Muttropolis comics. he went to washington for 7 months and lived on his own. he gave me some advice though for when i move out...
"mooch as much as possible without seeming like a mooch. if an adult invites you over...go..even if you dont like them, cuz adults have FOOD..and...STUFF..and sometimes they give you stuff."
good advice..i think. 0_o
i made some mood icons for myself..i have like..half of em done. i mailed em to Kat ;) *snugs Kat, hostess of many things*

now im gonna go talk to "Wolf of the Sexy Butt"
ie: Tav
yes..thats his "spirit" of the many ive/weve made up
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