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do they wanna keep me on my toes or what? - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
do they wanna keep me on my toes or what?
though..if I was in my digitigrade form that wouldnt matter ;)

3 out of 5 reviewers on the yerf boards have scored my application pics. its been almost a week since ive gotten a review...i hope they lemme know if im in or not soon. its makin me all anxious =P

ezboard is being a prick. they still havent e-mailed me my password yet. thanks fen for trying to help me clear this all up. *harumph* im gonna write them again if i dont get it by tomorrow.

i have a psychology appointment at 1:30 and i have to write 2 papers. *groan*
then this weekend i have to write 2 papers..*groan again*

then sunday im supposed to see Westly. i hope nothing goes wrong plan wise this time. i still need to coordinate with Kura.

my wuffy boy was being extra sweet last night *mrr* i wuff him =)

now im gonna go finish my mood icons cuz i like em.

Current Mood: random
Current Music: Bad Religion - The Defense

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