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*sigh* leave me alone...

Its been awhile but i finally got another annoying AIMer

Swordfish2085: hey, still with travis?
*what the hell kind of way is that to start a convorsation? is he talking about Kura? wtf?*
NicoleSD: who is this
NicoleSD: and im not *with* travis
*hells no hes like a brother to me*
NicoleSD: im *with* a guy named TAVIS
*thats better*
Swordfish2085: oh i'm just a new guy in town from florida and i'll be attending rb high
*good for you. i dont care. theres lots of people at RB high i dont care about and theyre residents*
NicoleSD: thats cool
Swordfish2085: oh i c
NicoleSD: you may like it
* if you enjoy eating goat hoof clippings for lunch and talking to side show freaks...*
Swordfish2085: so how is rb
Swordfish2085: high
*yes, RB is very high*
NicoleSD: yeah, Tavis is still my boyfriend in case youre wondering
*thought id clear that up*
NicoleSD: its alright
Swordfish2085: yeah that's cool
Swordfish2085: is it really preppy?
* what school isnt?*
NicoleSD: well i dont follow that crowd so in my eyes, yes
Swordfish2085: oh i c
NicoleSD: its cool though. very easy to find your way around unlike most schools here
*they make it easy for the "gifted" by only having 2 hallways in which the classrooms are in numerical order. concept*
NicoleSD: so you an incoming senior or what?
Swordfish2085: no i'll be a junior
NicoleSD: oh thats cool. im going to be a senior
*im too old for you punk*
Swordfish2085: that's cool
Swordfish2085: so how did you do on your sat's if you don't mind me asking
*one personal question after another? i wonder if hes ever had a girlfriend "say, how much do you weigh?"*
NicoleSD: honestly i havent taken them yet =P i signed up for october of next year
NicoleSD: er..this coming year
NicoleSD: you know what i mean
NicoleSD: i missed the boat
Swordfish2085: is there any other california state tests
Swordfish2085: oh so i made the boat?
*yes, and when i saw you i jumped off*
NicoleSD: STAR testing. as a junior youll have to take it, i wont. i already suffered through 3 years of it
NicoleSD: sure i suppose if youve taken them
Swordfish2085: awe no i took the fcat florida test
NicoleSD: the STAR testing doesnt count for a grade, its just so the school can get more money
*i fill in bubbles and make pretty shapes =) *
NicoleSD: may have to take the cali equivalent this year too
Swordfish2085: and you only take it as a 9-10 grader
Swordfish2085: damn that sucks
NicoleSD: yeah, it really does
NicoleSD: sorry
NicoleSD: if your parents write a note you can ditch though
Swordfish2085: and you won't have to take it at all
Swordfish2085: no make up?
NicoleSD: not that i know of
Swordfish2085: ok cool well i'l ttyl nicole
*so youre leaving me to think about school? thats cruel*
NicoleSD: ok bye bye
Swordfish2085: my name is stephen it's pronounsed like Stefen
*wait..stef-fahn or steffen? *
Swordfish2085: ok bye
NicoleSD: bye bye stephen
Swordfish2085: bye

I have no idea why people IM me. do i come across as the type of person who just LOVES to talk to dumbshits who cry if they get a bad grade on their SATs?

On a lighter note, my friend Vesta, someone i *love* talking to *hint nice to people who dont start conversations with whats your bra size and you have a bf?*
I posted the commission she asked me to do awhile ago. Her mate, Acanis, has not recieved the original yet but he will. We just got impatient so here it is!:

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