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its that time again....

because im bored, youll have to suffer through another....*pause for suspense*....
Things That Annoy Thorn!

-bad yerf applicaitons. i mean im not saying im art GODDESS or that my art is da shiznit, but come on... ...this??
-when you like a song but it reminds you of too many bad things that it totally ruins the song.
-when people say theyre gonna disappear from the internet just to get attention *this is NOT talking about you Kimbo....i had someone else in mind..*
-when a good artist keeps going, "my art is shit...its crap. i should stop drawing...but im gonna show it to you anyway..cuz its SHIT."
-when people fawn over that person and go "noooo its okay! i swear! here..i pity you..ill commission you."
-when i forget to put a reserve price on my auctions and a full color piece goes for 20 bucks. *kicks self*
-when people keep hinting at me that they want something. "yeah..i could sure go for some free LJ icons right about now..*cough cough* but i have no talent *cough cough* did i mention im looking for FREE ones?*
-being lectured
-when my parents want me to wait until im 25 to get married cuz they say i wont know who i am until im 25. im sorry..but i think that considering id want to have kids at age 27...thats a little too late to get married. i want my fun dammit.
-when parents bring all their billions of kids to a nice quiet cell phone store and they start crying....and it sounds like theyre crying in stereo...BWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!huhBWAAAAAhhuhBWAAAAAAAAHHH! therefore disrupting the sales clerks and the innocent customers
-when you go to buy an expensive phone but you have to buy a whole new car charger cuz the phone company specifically makes their chargers different from any other one so they can make more money off of you. so what am i gonna do with my old one? eat it?!
-when convenient stores are not convenient. *where the hell is the 7-11?!*
-when ethnicity serves as a reason to get free stuff. "what do you mean i gotta pay for this movie?! YOU ARE RACIST MY FRIEND!"
-when i buy an expensive phone to find out one of the screw covers is missing. *groan*
-when i have to wake up early to "enjoy the day." id rather enjoy the night thank you very much.
-the fact that earthquakes are NEVER EVER EVER in the middle of the day when youre awake. no. theyre always at 3 AM when youre having a great dream or having the best sleep of your life
-cappuccino flavored things that should NOT be flavored as such. ie: cream cheese, gum, mints...
-when you ask for "no onions on my salad" and it comes RIDDLED..i mean RIDDLED with chives. chives are green ONIONS geniuses. theyre in the same family. *that happened today and dad said to the waitress.."and this is our 'no onions?' and the waitress goes..'yes!' and he goes really? and she goes 'you know..ill have to check on that'. idiot*
-when i cant get what i want from a diner cuz my "special orders" i always make are enough grounds to get a spit-burger. *sigh*
-salsa that has too much cilantro in it. i hate cilantro
-when restaurants try to pass off salt mixed with pepper as "seasoned salt". what am i, daft? *and no, reaper, i didnt get that from that british slang site, ive been using the word for years..HA!*
-when you cant say something honest for fear of being labeled a racist or a homophobe. please let me know if you will be offended by anything i say in regards to race or sexual preference. im not racist and im not against gay people..i just make lots of observations.
-no matter how many times i clean my room, hours later, its just as dirty again.
-the way peanut butter melts on hot toast and it drips all over you
-deodorant cakes
-that urinals dont come with some sort of wall separating them. if i were a guy id be too paranoid to whip it out and piss in front of some other dude!
-when posters start to sag after theyve been tacked for awhile
-the school copy machine. *kicks it*
-the fact that keep having horrid rape/sex dreams involving my history teacher from last year, Mr. Christel. he scares the pajeesus outta me! and he calls me at home to "catch up" 0_o sure hes nice has to wonder..why...
-when people post a pic of a coyote and claim its a wolf.
-art thieves that blatantly rip someone off and said "oh i didnt know"
-when people take my art and post it on their site as their "neopet fanart"
-DeviantArt. i HATE that site! its so fucking hard to navigate! there was some bad design going on there....i may know nothing about websites but i know what "user friendly" is and that definately aint it.
-Side7. takes too long to load...and also see reason above
-Yerf Forum suck ups. i can name a few....its quite hilarious really.
-people who nitpick over the smallest of markings *they stole my spots!*
if i nitpicked over everyone that had a diamond on their face Frisket and i would be at each others throats....and id also have to yell at myself cuz Mishka had a diamond on her face in her original design. each situation has to be taken case by case...and most of the time i just dont fucking care. and besides..Diamonds are a girls best friend ;)...COPYRIGHT ME!!
-people who just "dont get it"
-stupid arguments over stupid things
-when a girl asks a guy whos out of highschool to go to prom with her and he wont do a thing to make it special ie: wear a tux, make sure he looks nice, dance...(this isnt about me folks, Tav's quite gung ho about the prom thing...a friend of mine's boyfriend needs a good ass kicking.)
-when you go to buy a certain color dress and the dress shop tells you "no thats a winter color." fuck you. i want a green dress NOW! and its still technically winter. they cant tell me what color i can and cant wear! *zips up her dark BLUE dress....sigh*
-when young girls wear so much makeup on their eyes they can barely open them. its like they dont wash it off, they just cake it on from the day before and so on.
-when little teeny tiny young girls dress like whores
-little chubby junior high cheerleaders. it had to be said...ive seen some last weekend..and its frightening. especially when their moms shirt says "cheer mom" and the little girls uniform cant hold her tummy in so shes exposing most of her body to the crowd...*which isnt good for a young girl in this day and age and in this STATE especially*
-when people in the "corn dog on a stick" line cant make up their mind and go around in circles asking each other what they want. people...the menu contains:
corn dog on a stick
cheese on a stick
-hottopics RIDICULOUSLY high prices
-their ridiculously high prices for pre-mutilated clothing teenybopper preps buy. only a loser would pay for that shit. half the fun is doing it yourself! right Nell?
-when crappy artists ask me for an art trade. i get it a lot. i feel bad, but not too bad declining them. i spend a LOT of time on my art trades. i expect people do the same
-when youre promised a job and then they tell you nevermind we cant hire anymore people and GIVE YOUR JOB TO A GUY!
-bad animation *hercules and xena: the battle for mt. olympus*
-when my stomach growls REALLY LOUD and everyone in class is quiet, so it sounds like im making some unholy sound with my ass *which girls dont do to begin thats impossible..* and all attention is drawn to me
-when youre dreaming of a perfect world where everythigns going your way and everyone breaks into song and dance whenever they see you..and you wake up and go.."oh yeah. im in this shithole. forgot.."
-when washed up pop stars put voodoo curses on famous directors
-when i feel ive "peaked" with my artwork and i dont seem to get any better...or feel like i do at least
-artists block
-anything white *aside from myself..see? i have gray on me!* cuz i feel like i have to paint it
-when i visit a certain well known art school *cough*pasadena center for art and design*cough* and their hallways are like an insane floor, white walls, gray furniture...
its an art school! wheres the color?! *must paint white walls..GUH!*
-when you need to write a reminder note on your hand but all you have is a permanent marker *scrub scrub scrub*
-the magna carta. dont ask.
-people that constantly say "omg im SO SO hyper im SO weird....i cant believe"
-people that constantly say they suck when you know and they know theyre just craving attention
-pity auctions "feed mai puppi Heeze St@rving!"
-good girls who go for the bad guys
-when the good girls conform themselves to be LIKE the bad guys *ive lost many a friend to that*
-the fact that i refer to my "elusive" or "invisible" boyfriend on a daily basis. i feel like such a loser..but at least i know and my friends know hes real *sigh* LD relationships suck
-the fact that when i lose weight the first place i lose it is in my bra. so much for dieting. boob on, curvy girl
-when people assume i dont like something when i really do
-when the oblongs arent on adult swim the night im able to watch it
-north korea and that little penis-with-a-pompador man who runs it. whats his name? Kim's Dong Eel? Dim Bong Keel?
-when post it notes dont stick
-when i get a call when im in a restaurant. theres no *nice* way of saying "im in a restaurant can i call you back?" but if i turn OFF my cellphone and i miss a call they wonder "why did you turn off your phone?"
-the shrew that works as a secretary in the councelling office at my school. go to hell you nasty wench. ill see my councellor whenever i please. *she treated my dad like shit when i was an incoming freshman..if you hate children and their parents...dont get a job working for the Poway Unified School District*
-when peoples skin feels like leather
-the fact that you cant let your dog crap just anywhere in NY like you can here..*unless theres a law i dont know about*
-being thirsty in tijuana. they say dont drink the water..but everything has water in it..even the margaritas i suspect..
-when DragonFang drinks all my buttermilk *i had the STRANGEST dream about that last night!*
-when i say something incredibly funny but no one gets it or gets the reference *most likely a clerks/kevin smith reference*
-when people go to quote a kevin smith movie but do it horribly wrong in my peresence *im always there to fix it though*
-ASB. those little whiney dorks arent gonna be so popular in college. WHY WONT THEY TELL US WHEN PROM IS SO WE CAN PLAN?!
-when im walking up from the student parking lot *and its a LONG WALK* and i bump into someone i A: havent seen in a long time but sorta had a falling out with..or B: someone i dont know very well and occasionally talk to
and they wanna chat it up but you run outta things to say..then theres that long awkward silence all the way from the parking lot. this happens to me daily. ive learned to keep my head down and pretend to be half asleep or angsty. they stay away from me if im angsty.
-the fact that i didnt live through enough of the 80's to enjoy them to the fullest extent. though my family was VERY much into pop culture i got enough of it to make up for the 5 years i madonna, TONS of MTV..and i always wore my mothers bangles and leg warmers around the house....not to mention the constant appearance of hot pink and stretch pants in my wardrobe.
mom STILL wears hotpink lipstick...and i think i have a picture around here somewhere with my hair in a pony-tail-on-the-side
-the smell of pengins. ew.
-when i cant tell if someone is male or female so i just refer to them as "them" or "they" and people think im talking in the plural sense
-people who get seriously bitchy about art theft. sure its a bad thing..but does it need to involve threats of violence? *if you think im being a hypocrite, notice that i never threaten to rip someones eyelids off and feed them to their family..then, and ONLY THEN, could you say im a hypocrite*
-when mints burn your listerine strips scorched a whole layer of skin with its minty freshness

thats all for now. i gotta save some for other TTAT's

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