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yay for trades!

im doing a trade with Westly...LJ icons for a "Thornwolf" necklace he FOUND..yes..FOUND at a looks just like me =D diamond and everything *squee*
reminds me...DC!! what color are archers eyes? you never specified

alright..jumped on the bandwagon too..

I ____ Thorn.
Thorn is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Thorn, I would _______.
I think Thorn should _____.
Thorn needs ______.
I want to ____________ Thorn.
Someday Thorn will ________.
Thorn reminds me of _______.
Without Thorn _______.
Memories of Thorn are ________.
Thorn can be __________.
__________ is how I describe meeting Thorn.
Worst thing about Thorn is _________.
Best thing about Thorn is _________.
I am ________ with Thorn

go on..fill it out. i dare you.

working on commissions and a new piece which i have NO CLUE what im gonna call it.i worked on it a bit in some know i love it though ;)
ill post the WIP sometime tonight i think
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