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this is weird cuz i put "woof" and "cant stretch" and all the stuff… - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
this is weird cuz i put "woof" and "cant stretch" and all the stuff opposite of this but whatever...ill deal, lol!

You are Ura!

Take the "Which Anime pet are you?" test!

Im really glad silver liked her commission. now i just have to wait till her check gets in the mail *looks at watch* im so bad, i usually never do things until payment is in my paws but silvers my buddy and i dont care about that other stuff with her.

talked to CW and Winter last night, got a little hyper, lol!

im talking to CW now:

NicoleSD: i noticed that people on the news, when they make a mistake they say*rather* after they correct themselves
NicoleSD: every newsperson
NicoleSD: they never say *...* i mean or *....* sorry
CWTyger: Yeah, it's as if they're invoking the name of Dan Rather!
NicoleSD: lol!
NicoleSD: *ooOOOoooo! DAN RATHER! we call upon you in this time of news...*
CWTyger: LOL!
CWTyger: I should say that if I ever get to be a journalist!
NicoleSD: lol
NicoleSD: Dan Rather is a funny name
NicoleSD: Dan Rather be doing what?

and it goes on....

I think im gonna see what i missed with the late night fun on TIB, if there WAS any, *snicker* stupid time zones

"I don't doubt that women will inherit the Earth. Knowing the females I know, it'll be in better hands. " ~CWTyger

Current Music: Soul Asylum - Can't Even Tell

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