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im taking a personal day

i think i owe it to myself to take a day to actually sleep in and do the stuff ive been meaning to do but cant. i havent done it in a month. =P someone ALWAYS wakes me up. whether it be Dad *mostly dad, hes an early bird and thinks i should be too.* Tavis cuz he gets lonely on his way to work, mom asking me a question or mike grinding coffee beans. not to mention telemarketers *shudder*
so i feel good. and now, im not gonna loiter online all day. im gonna go get some artwork done. if i have time i may read some more Dante's Inferno, watch saturday morning cartoons...basically do everything thats fun and awesome in a weekend i can do without leaving the house *my idea weekend does not involve me getting dressed and driving. yuck. clothes are bad*
so, if you see me online, for god sakes yell at me!
i may even clean my room. im in a good mood *mrr*
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