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Im a nerd

For those of you who havent yet seen what i look like, these are horrible your eyes. im not photogenic =P

for starters this is a VERY blurry picture of me on my 16th birthday with my good buddy, Sean Sepulveda. Yes, thats my natural haircolor..

bad day at seaworld + no makeup = this picture

I am such a GEEK! oh and dont mind heather...shes just a bitch =)

the cotton candy at sea world is bigger than me!! AHHH!! im being sucked in!..erm..i look fat in this pic. its the sweater..and the TREMENDOUS GOB OF COTTON CANDY GOING STRAIGHT TO MY THIGHS!

Boy, Heather REALLY doesnt like her picture taken...or she just hates you..either way ill busy myself on the computer. oh yeah, and my hair is naturally wavy like that. its a bitch

well now that youve seen me please exit through the nearest door and in an orderly fashion
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