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So im technically a storyboard artist at Osmosis Entertainment. after all, they have my name listed on their website as such, though they never made me aware of that until i found out for myself while browsing their site 0_o
It all started when Brandon, the president of the company, saw my storyboards i did for "The Idiot Chronicles" and loved them and agreed to have me work on their next assignment cuz their other storyboard artist is crappy. They even told me some funny stories about how crappy he is..*Traces a soda bottle cap* -this is the Starship Enterprise.

so anyway..
mid December i called Brandon and asked him if there were any new projects in the works. It took me forever to get him to call me back and get ahold of when i finally did i was quite pleased to hear him say he was going to have the Vice President call me and discuss the new script. So after a few days Eric DID call me and we discussed. Sounds interesting and i was looking forward to taking on the project. i said i was going to be in NY until January 6th but would be available for a meeting anytime after that. he said okay and said hed call me.

it is now mid-March and i JUST got an e-mail from him saying his apologies that he didnt get ahold of me sooner.

im pissed.

so i wrote him back and said that if hes going to have me work on this project then hes going to have to take me seriously. none of this "here lets keep Nicole in Limbo" crap. I need stability and if im supposed to view them as a mature and credible company, they should act as such and not keep people waiting.

He apologized and said that my demands will be MORE THAN met and that it will never happen again. he also said that hell call me around 6-ish to discuss the details and talk about my rates. my rates are $10 per frame if you purchase 50 frames or more, but less than 50 and its $15 per frame *in case any of you out there wanted to know..hint hint..i love storyboarding! =D *

its now just about 6:30 and i really hope he keeps his promise. otherwise im going to have to say goodbye. i cant deal with this instability anymore.
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