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What Pattern Are You?

anyhoo..yeah so i did a lot of doodling today..

and after all this is what 2% of you *so far* are here for anyway =D

I really liked this one..

me and Tav working on my website..well..sorta..actually this didn't happen. This is really one of those funny "what if" situations. Were actually both having a lot of fun with it =)

a joke between me, Tav and Reaper, and its oh so true =P

something i drew during detention today. i may watercolor it..AFTER fixing all the blaring anatomical errors *shudders* oh by the way...theyre "tracking". thats why this piece is called "Tracking" *giggles* it will be more obvious with a background and the deer tracks i plan on putting in there.

so yeah. art dump. wow..sounds like i took a crap on a piece of paper..get it? *badum-ching!*
but girls don't do that. cuz were proper beings..right? ;)
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