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Thorn requests a redline

i know i said id get to finishing this thing, and fixing all the errors but lets face it. im too damn lazy.

so what i would like is a quick redline so i can just have a visual on what to fix before i fix it myself, screw up, fix it again..screw up etc etc.

sorry for the size. apparently ch'marr thinks i have no concept of what a good size is =P

anyhoo..notes on this pic:

i know the wolf in the foreground's face is non-symetrical. like i said i drew this in detention and so i was kinda rushed and distracted. so ill fix that

the arms are giving me MOUNDS of trouble so id definitely like lots of help on that. even reference pictures of someone crouching if you know of any would be greatly appreciated *im a visual person*. but just a redline is cool with me.

his back paw is annoying me

the wolf behind him..yes the crouching position gave me a bit of trouble and i had to play around with it quite a bit. you should know that once i transfer it on bristol, he will be distanced a bit more from the wolf in the foreground so his right hind foot WILL be showing..
believe me..i didnt exactly have composition in mind when i first started this was actually a series of doodles that just kinda worked together. well..not really =P

and yes, there will be a background. *omg! Thorn's doing a background* dont expect much cuz its gonna be my first time seriously attempting it aside from "peace in the desert" whichi s long since gone "sigh" thats depressing.

so advance id like to say thank you SO SO SO SO SO much for helping me =) sometimes you just cant fix things yourself and you need outside opinions. i dont wanna take it to yerf critiques cuz i have this trend of posting it, then getting bored with the pic and never finishing it..besides, i get a quicker response on my LJ anyway *winks*

luv ya! <3
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