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dumbasses..all of them

i just recently bought a new cell phone with all these nifty accessories. as soon as i got it i realize:
-it came in the box without those little rubber screw covers. if im gonna buy a $200 phone..i might as well get my stupid screw covers
-the $24 earpiece doesnt work
-the car/cigarette lighter charger DOES NOT FIT in my car, and when i shoved it in still didnt work.
-the charger i have does not allow me to talk while it charges. its a land charger. *whoever designed the accessories for this phone is going to suffer a fate worse than death*

to hear about my trip to the Verizon store..check it here

so i go see the dumbasses, and i tell them my first problem: the screw covers.
i say "my phone came in the box without the screwcovers, may i please have them replaced? i think it was a screwup at the factory."
they say "were they in the box?"
i said "no."
they say "they fall off easily you should really put some elmers glue on them next time."
i said "if they fell off and i NEEDED elmers glue, i wouldnt be here, i most likely wouldnt waste my time. this phone never came with them."
they go.."ohh.."
problem fixed. not so bad

second problem: earpiece
apparently i have to go through all these billions of settings to turn the "headset" option on. later on i get in my car and find that theres no option to select if its on or off..just to turn up the volume. why do they need to explain things in the most bizarre ways? it only confuses us stupid customers!
rep: (when calling my phone to test the earpiece) whats your number?
me: ******6623
rep: ******6643
me: no..2-3
rep: 4-3 okay
me: NO 2.....3!!
rep: (stares)
me: ******6623!!
rep: um....*dials* oh..oh yeah

third problem: car charger

me: this car charger doesnt work in my car, it nearly broke my plug cuz its too big!
rep: yeah, thats for the car
me: yes, i doesnt fit.
rep: well it should work are you sure youre plugging your phone in right?
me: um.....yes?!
rep: okay ill go check it out *goes in back and comes out* it works fine
me: but it doesnt in my car
Kura: here, lemme go take it out to the car and test it and bring it back
rep (smiling): im not allowed to go to your car
Kura: no lemme just take the phone, test it in the car, then bring it back
rep: im not allowed to go with you to your car
me: im not inviting you to my car, sir. that was in no way implied, hes going to take the charger from you, go out, test it, then bring it back. you dont have to go.
rep:ohh..OOOOOHHHH! okay. i was gonna say i cant go out to your car and stuff were not allowed to
me: yeah. i know. *grumbles*

fourth problem: wall charger
me: do you make a charger for this phone that i can plug it into the wall while i talk?
rep: no, we dont make one for that phone
me: that seems kinda stupid
rep: yeah theres one for another phone that works with it just fine
me: do they have one at best buy?
rep: (glares) um. no..i dont know..i GUESS you could check lemme give you our hotline
me: thanks. ill check out best buy

*Thorn and Kura walk out of the Verizon store....*

me: *walks out about 10 feet, stops..* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hate cell phones and everything they stand for.

in other news, almost done with Michele's commission *yeah i know...its taking forever*
working on Westly's icons
Finalizing Fen's sketch
organizing *me organize? yeah right* DC's EZboard commission and have yet to size it..*what can i say im lazy..sorry DC!*

so yeah..being kinda productive and stuff.

Go America.
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