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cuz this is my united states of WHAT-EVAH!

yeah i actually like that song..all 3 versions of it 0_o

im in computer applications right now and were watching CNN so i can mill around on the computer for a bit. *sigh*
i really dont know what to think about all of this.

i slept through the first attack. great. just what im gonna wanna tell my grandchildren.

if this war only last a little past the weekend, to be quite honest i wouldnt consider it a /real/ war. the gulf war wasnt really a /real/ war. the last real war we had was Vietnam and that just sucked.

and i REALLY dont think that Saddam is dead. i hope to God he is..really i do. But hes like a cant kill him.
I think hes just lying low. if they DID kill him it just seems a little TOO easy, you know?
kinda like a horror movie where the monster slumps over and dies but then comes back to life to suffer a more horrific death.

i think Bush has done a good job as president so far. I mean, i know /i/ couldnt do the kind of things hes doing or make all those decisions. but then again im a big pussy when it comes to decision making. which brings me to another would you want a woman in charge doing something like this? no offense to my gender, but you KNOW youd get all weepy and mood-swingy.

ya get PMS and before you know it you got a nuclear war on your hands!

hoo boy am /i/ gonna get flamed ;) but its my journal and i can say whatever i want =D
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