An Ethel Among Mermans (thornwolf) wrote,
An Ethel Among Mermans

i like this one...

Lookie what i drew last night!

Simillar pose to the last one but im playing around with different ways to color it. I dont want to get too crazy yet, cuz im just practicing *grin*

if you want to buy a print please, let me know. Selunca bought a print of my red wolf *THANK YOU SELLY!* *hugs*

Now for what happened this morning.....

Mom drags me out of bed and goes "i need to talk to you" and of course my thought is....uh oh...she found something controversial either in my sock drawer or on my computer *i dont know WHAT that would be but parents take EVERYTHING wrong so it could be anything...and yes i hide things in my sock drawer..not DRUGS no no no, pictures ive drawn that i dont want people to thoughts really. parents are paranoid*

so im like..."WHAAAT!!"

she just goes " no i need to talk to you." *so talk already!*

so i go to her room, one eye closed the other open. i look like popeye cuz im so damn tired and she goes " i need to talk to you"

she goes, " you didnt clean yoru car yesterday like you promised you would? why did you not wash your car? im so sick and tired of this! you never do anything i ask! Im taking that car away! *blah blah blah"

i said, "what? what do you mean? i cleaned the car!"

she says, "well you may have cleaned it out, but you didnt wash it.."

i said.."uh..jokes on you cuz yeah i did! did you even look at it?"

" you said you werent gonna wash it today"

"but i did anyway."

"oh. but...but you didnt take it to a hand car wash where they vacuum it!!"

"they were closed." *and the drive in carwash is hella fun!!!!*

"oh. well...well then why didnt you go earlier when they were open??!"

"cuz youre supposed to clean the car OUT before you wash it. i didnt want those weirdos at the carwash pilfering my stuff."

"oh...well why didnt you do it earlier??!"

"cuz i was buying the toilet paper YOU ASKED ME TO BUY!"

"oh. okay. sorry."

"yeah. god...sometimes the things i do would surprise you. I took out the trash today, tiff and i cleaned out my car completely...we even washed it when we said we werent going to have time...i put away all my art stuff and i made sure the stuff we got outta the car wasnt all over the place when you got home, i even bought the toilet paper, TIFF carried it out to the car...i even put it on the rolls and you act like i didnt do a thing! did you even LOOK to see if i had done it or not?"

"no...i just assumed."


is it me or was she trying to find things to pick a fight with me about?
things are okay now, shes taking me to see goldmember tonight.

okay, granted im a lazy individual, but i do, in fact, take time to do the things she asked, even moreso. Oh, and the trash i took out was ravaged by wild animals, ie: coyotes/ i had to pick all that up the next morning and put it in another bag =P *sheesh!*
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