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busy day and its not even 4:00 yet - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
busy day and its not even 4:00 yet
here are the events for the day:

-dad woke me up at 9:00 because he feels i shouldnt sleep my day away. its the weekend, im allowed to do what i want..and i want to sleep *groan*
-took my coyote face out of the sink, rang it out and stretched it onto a board with push pins and blow dried it *wow, that must have been a sight...IM BLOWDRYING MY COYOTE FACE! dur! *
-got dressed
-went and grabbed Dad's mail from grandmas house and saw my doggy =D JESSE NOODLE!! *snugs her puppy*
- drove up to Quaid's Harley Davidson shop where dad was serving hot dogs and hamburgers to the members of the Harley club. basically its a "drive up on a Harley, get a free lunch" type of deal. very yummy! dad had a very interesting way of cooking the burgers too *he soaked grilled onions in beef broth and when the burgers were done hed drop em in the onion/beef broth to keep them moist and flavorful until served..DROOL!*
-hung out with dad for a bit and looked at some cool bikes
-went to the mall and picked up my prom dress.
-while i was in the changing room i got a call from the manager at Off The Grill. apparently they want me to work now =P *brick*
-bought my dress, headed home
-stopped at grandmas house, showed her my dress and she reimbursed me for it.
-played with Jesse
-went home and now here i am

so yeah. now i have a full tummy, a prom dress and a job! =D

oh yeah..and on a minor note..apparently Michael Jackson is a were-cat =^..^=

Current Mood: surprised surprised
Current Music: Thriller music video - Michael Jackson

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pardouncia From: pardouncia Date: March 23rd, 2003 11:25 pm (UTC) (Link)
Hamburgers and prom dresses. I'll take the hamburger please. Heh. Really though, I hope you have a great time at prom.

I like that Michael Jackson video, but I agree, he looks more like a were-cat. Perhaps they forgot that wolves don't have vertical irises.
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