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what an amusing article...

Canine Prostitutes

A German artist is planning to open the world's first brothel for dogs in Berlin.

Karl-Friedrich Lentze from Euskirchen has already applied for permission from Berlin's business authority.

Mr Lentze, 54, says dogs like his own Jack Russell mix Karlchen are finding it increasingly hard to satisfy their desires while being taken for walks.

Dog-owners will have to pay £20 if they want their pets to have sex at the new canine nightclub.

Mr Lentze says Karlchen will work as a door-dog to make sure there is no trouble with unwanted guests.

"Of course, we'll be happy to receive female and gay dogs, too, it's a democratic thing," he told the Express newspaper.

Even if he does not receive permission from Berlin authorities, Lentze says the exercise will be good for his artwork, as long as it creates public interest.

"It's a form of satire that criticises society," he said. "I used to paint and create sculptures, this is just the next step."

every dog has his day i guess..
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