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and the Oscar goes to...

Thorn! for best supporting bra. *adjusts* okay well maybe not.

i just got back from an Oscars party at Mike's sister's house. i like her. shes an artist too. we all voted on who would win what in the Oscars. i had a low score =P
i really wanted Daniel Day-Lewis to win best actor *sigh* oh well.
Gangs of New York wasnt even that great of a movie but i thought it had awesome costume design, and "The Butcher" was the COOLEST character ever! Hes right up there with Scar and Steele on my favorites list. why do i always love the bad guys? rowr =) I kinda want the DVD to see if any of my MANY questions about that movie get answered with the cut scenes *sigh*

did anyone else think it was majorly retarded that 8 mile got best original song? wtf?! i thought that Wild Thornberry's song was MUCH nicer and was just downright sweet. *gags over Eminem* what a nerd.

i still dont know what got best picture or what was the best animated film *is anxious* hey..i better turn on the TV then, eh?

*grumbles* still gotta write that stupid letter to my congressman. hes a great guy..really..but i dont give a fuck about abortion or gun control..nor do i care about his opinions on it. *hates civics assingments that force opinions on me*

oh yeah..*points to LJ pic* SWANKY! =D *drool*
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