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is it just me?

Sometimes i feel underappreciated. Im the type of person who goes out of their way to make someones day but never gets it in return. Yet, if i even HINT at the fact that maybe id like some of that attention to..its like im fishing for stuff or presents or something. thats not what i want at all. I just for once want someone other than my parents to think, "hmmm...what would really make nicoles day?"

My friends dont really do anything of that nature. Theyre too focused on their jobs or anything I can do for THEM and it sux. I love doing things for people but the second i ask for anything in return or even just want some appreciation for it its like "oh, well im not that type of person" or "gee nicole do you only do things for me to get something in return?"
*sigh* no matter what i do/say it ends up with ME being the bad guy and i dont get how that works!

im gonna go draw something...for ME. not for anyone else for a offense to any of you who have commissions. i need a break.

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