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Shame on you Mr. Bush, Shame on you

screw you Michael Moore. i cant believe how many personal war statements were made at the oscars 0_o ridiculous. Actors should stick to what they do best..ACT. after all..thats WHY theyre getting the Oscar right? not cuz theyre a congressman *rolls eyes*

on another note, prom has me depressed. its an expense but one of those big expenses youll regret for the rest of your life if you dont fork it over. no ones making it easy for me. everyone keeps yakking at me and going "but lets to this! no i dont wanna do that lets do this! no lets get THIS limo no lets go HERE well /i/ dont wanna go here, lets go where /i/ wanna go cuz its /my/ special night."

okay, news to all who read this who are supposed to be going in our limo. you dont like where were going? dont come in the limo. simple as that. but let me know in advance so i can replace you. im getting tired of this. its not my thing to plan, but if i dont do it NO ONE WILL! i mean..have you noticed that?
anytime theres a party..who suggests it? ME! who actually gets the ball rolling on planning things? ME! sure people help out but it ends up being after a lot of poking and prodding. i want to just sit out and abstain but then NOTHING will get done. i feel like im constantly working in a group project and no ones doing their part of the assignment but me. i wish there was a divided grading system for life. *sigh*

on another downer note...nothing i draw feels yerf-worthy. so what if i dont have "finished" pretty pretty compy graphics watercolor crap. does that have to matter? can i upload just black and white pics? do i HAVE to have a background? i feel it was all a fluke, me getting accepted. dont get me wrong i am SO happy i made it but then i wonder if i even really deserved it *sigh*
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