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long day

is it me? or is everyone putting me on the spotlight and beating me up? i know thats not the case but its how people make me feel sometimes. especially about this whole prom thing. thank you amy for offering to help but its like..whenever i open my mouth to suggest something i get shot down and "OMG NICOLE WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??!!" its just how i feel. im over-dramatic.

like i said, drew lots of dinos..well..not dinos..prehistoric mammals..but whatever.

finally got my animation scanned

im starting work today at off the grill. i was panicking all day long about making that meeting..*yes, i have a meeting with the storyboard guys..FINALLY! now we can finally get to work..hopefully* and i didnt want to miss that after months of me trying to get ahold of them, just cuz i had work. luckily tomorrow was supposed to be a training day and i wasnt supposed to work thursday, but i just reversed it. *whew* theyre nice there =) i really appreciate them not giving me a hard time about it. i honestly thought theyd say "no".

i sure hope jenny is going to prom expo. if shes not, i dont know who is. damn..i just thought of something..i wasnt supposed to work the night of prom expo..but now i am because of that stupid meeting. *ARRGGGH!* oh well. its jenny's thing..she said shed take care of it so im going to believe her.

Tavis is such a sweetie. i love him with all my heart. he makes me laugh =D *snuggles her mate* i love the fact that even though were long distance i get to talk to him every day. it sure makes things a lot easier on us both. i cant even imagine what it would be like if we couldnt talk. i guess then my relationship would be a lot like Kura's old one with this one girl from Canada. i like Nell much better though =)

im so behind in sending my stuff i need to send. Gray im sorry but i havent sent the coyote face yet *is a slacker* ill get on it asap though. i also need to send VulpesRex's auction..eep! im so bad! ill send his priority mail to make up for the time. at least he understood ive been kinda hectic. i havent even cashed his check yet!

gotta go to the bank...lets $142 from jenny for her and nate's limo $122 from grandma paying for my prom dress *it was originally 154, but i owed her 32 for my dog grooming. i never get to see my dog yet i have to pay for her haircuts. does anyone else see something wrong with that?*
and i also have 54.50 from vulpesrex i still have to cash so...

HOLY CRAP! $318 !!!! yep, thats goin into "savings" =)
not to mention im making $30 off my T-shirt auction, $10 off the other t-shirt auction and im going to put another t-shirt auction up

*hint hint..its a black wolf t-shirt i made myself, black wolf on black t-shirt, i have 2 left, sizes small and large. ill post the auction when i get it scanned*

so yeah..maybe todays not so bad after all!

im getting money from my auctions
i have a job now that will be PAYING me money
and ill be getting money from storyboards!

money cheers me up. mmm....prolly cuz ive never really had any of my own before =P

i feel accomplished! *points to LJ mood icon*
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