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Tavis and Dad put things into perspective for me.

*mrr* i love them. but thats just more proof that i get along better with guys.

I know my parents love me, my dad has been showing it a lot lately, but he, unlike my mother, is finally willing *i think* to let me grow up. a lot has changed in the past few months with him and i think hes finally coming to terms with it. hes not losing me by me growing up, in fact, by helping me hes making me want to be closer to him. i wish mom would learn this too. Unfortunately most girls have a "falling out" with their mom at some point or another. its sad..i know i didnt want that and iwant to fix things more than ever.

Tavis is such a sweetheart. i talked to him about me going to hell.i was feeling sorta "what if" and "why does God do this or how can he feel this..blah blah blah." He really made me feel good about it all again though and brought me out of my sense of insecurity. He comforted me in the fact that if i went to hell hed rather be there with me than in heaven without me *sigh* hes the best...*snugs the wuffy* Tav if you read this, your understanding means the world to me. Thank you so much for helping me out all the time..thank you for being the one who drags me out of my own personal hell. *holds*

I am blessed with a lot of things. Id like to thank all of you whove helped me out through tough times, talked to me when i needed to talk, and thank you especially to Amy and Gary for being 2 of the most understanding and helpful people in my life *hugs*
I know my parents love me...its just natural we dont always get along.
Im blessed with a wonderful and loving mate who will do anything for me, even though i dont always see that or appreciate it. wow....thats such a great feeling..

I sometimes feel like Icarus, flying too close to the sun, but thank you all who have helped save me before my wax wings melted. Thank you. *hugs*
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