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10 bands/artists you've seen live

- Five Iron Frenzy
- Bad Religion
- Reel Big Fish
- Buck-O-Nine
- Blink182
- FenixTX *back when they were RiverFenix*
- Mighty Mighty Bosstones
- Agent51
- Supertones
- Switchfoot

9 things you're looking forward to
- Seeing Tavis
- Moving Out
- East Coast Furmeet
- Prom
- Seeing Kat
- going to the Bronx Zoo
- My Birthday
- Graduating
- This Sunday *day off from EVERYTHING*

8 things that you wear daily
- Underwear
- ball chain necklace
- Tav's Gold Ring on my necklace
- Thornwolf logo Necklace
- Class ring
- socks
- uncomfortable bra
- tired expression

7 things that annoy you *just seven??!* ~Thorn
- Fundamentalist Christians that make normal christians feel like heathens
- People who are just out to screw you over
- When people ask me "can you draw me?!" when im sitting in class and they want it in 5 minutes and i dont know who they are
- when my alarm clock, instead of waking me up, incoorperates itself into my dream somehow as sound effects or a choreographed song and dance number
- Sneezing fits that dont allow you to open your eyes or close your mouth
- Mike
- the fact that ill go into a long explanation about something and people STILL dont get it. *ie: my mom*

6 things you touch every day
- my hair
- My bed
- Tav's ring
- keyboard
- my butt *smack*

5 things you do every morning
- Wake up
- Check e-mail
- brush teeth
- bug mom
- frantic search for wallet and keys

4 people you'd like to spend more time with
- Tavis
-online friends i regularly talk to *you know who you are*
(and Travis i see you every freaking day =D so dont be sad)

3 movies you could watch over and over
- Clerks
- Balto
- Nightmare Before Christmas
*and ihave too..i watch, repeat, watch, repeat, watch, repeat..*

2 of your favourite songs at the moment
- The Defense - Bad Religion
- Freakish - Saves The Day

1 person you could spend the rest of your life with
- Tavis
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