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good night =)

Work wasnt so bad..and i showed everyone up. in fact, i made 9 bucks in tips which i contributed to the company tip jar *theyre saving up for a staff party or something* and the manager was very impressed! =)
my trainer was a little too flighty though, she didnt help me too much she kept leaving me everytime i started helping customers so i had to find her to correct stuff >_<

Which Zoological Mystery Are You?

this, and other fine quizolas was made by the chicks @ Spookbot

maybe this job wont be so bad afterall.

Tavis is such a sweetie. i know i say it all the time but what can i say, im in love with the guy =D

mom and i are going to councelling i think tuesday. that should be fun. i really dont want to but then when am i going to, yanno? shes not going to listen. were going to get into a shit fling in front of a councellor. niiiice. gonna go watch adult swim =)
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