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You asked for it!

Things That Annoy Thorn!....4? i think?

-people that ask for a critique, but dont take the helpful hints. instead they add a background or color and still ask "whats wrong?"
(i mostly see that on the yerf forums. its sickening*
-the fact that no matter how good i clean my room the very next day its messy again
-when mom tells me about my bad grades and i say its because they sent out the progress notices before i turned something in but my grade is actually good..yet she goes.."well i thought you LIKED english.." and e-mails my teacher about my grade anyway =P
-going around in circles in a convo with mom
-poodle haircuts
-harsh horsey people that smack the animals VERY hard saying "ah they cant feel it" *SMACK SMACK SMACK!* meanwhile the horse is twitching with pain or at least some unpleasant sensation
-people that get married just to have sex
-people who attack people in their own live journal
-when people have flakey acne *gag*
-when i get my hair dyed but the lady fried my scalp so i have like..sheets of my scalp coming off. its gross
-the fact that black comedians can say all the negative crap they want about white people, but if white people say that kind of stuff about black people, theyre racist and must be shunned
-double standards
-bad artists asking me for an art trade and i have to decline just based on my own opinion *it really does..i never like being mean*
-when parents obsess over something bad you did a long time ago and use it as basis for future rules
-the fact that the older i get the more strict my parents are
-planning prom
-limo bus rental places and how they take advantage of teenagers by overcharging them
-the fact that my school didnt tell us where prom was going to be at until now
-when laundry sours
-when people expect to see a lot of art on my LJ. just a tip: if i have any new art, chances are its uploaded on VCL or yerf. after all, i dont have a server of my own so im not able to post art on my own site or anything as of yet.
-hairy backs
-when girls have hairy faces
-ingrown toenails
-people that let ingrown toenails get disgusting and gangrenous *cough*Greg*cough*
-obsessive ex boyfriends
-when people cant tell the difference between love and lust
-when people think i "lust after" tavis 0_o right. i think getting married for the reason of having sex is lustful...MOM
-if i say "i miss tavis" my parents think im downright obsessed. hello? id like to see them carry on a long distance relationship as calmly as i do.
-when people IM me looking to yiff
-when people IM me a billion zillion times when my away message is on and they have a conversation with themselves. chances are, if im away, i dont want to talk. DUH! *with the exception of Vantid who just IM'ed me..hello! 'squee!'*
-bad yerf applications
-badly COLORED yerf apps
-crayon colored pics *im sorry, but no matter what you do, i have NEVER seen a professional looking crayon colored pic*
-when people change their style to be like someone else..*you call me a hypocrite and you die!* =D
-when PETA shoves horrifying pictures of beakless chickens and headless pigs in my face expecting that to keep me from eating meat. hrm. *chews on some yummy bloody beef*
-Pez dispensers. why dont they load easily?!! youd think with all the years theyve been around they could have improved the design some.
-art masking fluid and its many evils
-people who think they can p-shift *im a were-bear!*
-when nothing i draw is good enough..well..for my standards at least.
-creepy old men
-when people wear shoes that are too chunky and high to walk in. i once saw someone fall over while wearing some. LOL!
-when people dont take me seriously when im angry. just because im small doesnt mean im any less furious with you. GRRR!!!!
-HUGE buzzy colored watermarks. "I LAWSOOT U!!!11!!!1!"
-when people refuse to listen to my viewpoints
-when as soon as i suggest something, people yell at me like thats a final "written in stone" answer and im the biggest idiot ever
-when im dominated in any situation. i hate that. it displeases me
-getting my nice pants dirty at work
-when people make fun of me for overachieving
-when no one listens to my advice, but then later on they realise it was very good advice
-when mom calls ME selfish when shes no better herself.
-when i disappoint my parents and i feel really bad about it
-when i cant speak my mind because im afraid of disappointing someone or offending someone.
-when youre closing up work and cleaning up the tables and putting up the chairs, but your last customer of the night decides theyre going to eat in and mess everything up again. =P
-when my parents come up with geeky solutions to my "after prom" plans.
"hey lets get 2 hotel rooms, girls in one, guys in another and ill chaperone!"
-when everytime tav comes to visit mom keeps us moving. we cant:
~stay in the house when shes not there
~be without some kind of chaperone
~kiss in public cuz it embarrasses her *i dont fucking care!*
~go to a friends house of the parents arent there or whatever
plus she makes us get up when she goes to work and leave the house. where the hell are we supposed to go? sit in my car for 8 hours? that wont go over well cuz we could always "go off and drive somewhere secluded" as she said. GET OVER IT!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- when my parents promise me something but then revoke it as they see fit. ie:
when im 13 "you can date when youre 15"
when im 15 "you can date when youre 16
when im 16 "you shouldnt be dating"
when im 17 "you can do whatever the hell you want when youre 18!"
now that im approaching 18 "not while youre living under my roof you wont!" >_<
-when people walk like grasshoppers
-when people will walk right in between people who are having a conversation. how rude!
-badly drawn yiff thats attempting to be sold for a lot
-artists who overcharge for crap
-people who try to draw things someone else is famous for just to make money *cough*raptors*cough*
-when people overly explain their auctions to be something its picture of a stick wolf:
"this is a beautiful likeness i drew of one of the most misunderstood creatures, the gray wolf. note the fur texture as i pressed hard with my crayon to give it that realistic feel. i hoped to achieve the illusion of motion with the motion lines and the illusion of depth by making the tail come from behind its butt"
-being wrong
-being proven wrong
-having someone say "youre wrong"
-doctors who, after you spend all this time filling out forms and waiting in line, tell you youre fine even though you definitely have something wrong with you!
-being ignored
-when my trainer at work goes away when i need her help. rarr!
-when i make an ass out of myself meeting a new person *i think i mentioned that one already*
-when peoples bellyfat hangs out of their shirt
-when the school sends home a letter telling me im going to get a saturday school if im late again, when i didnt even get a warning
-when people change plans on me last minute
-when people IM me just to tell me about themselves then sign off on me without saying goodbye.
-when i cant remember anything else that annoyed me all this week and i really wanted to write about it. argh!
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