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lemme outta here!

work was okay. busy..but okay. i maintained my cheery attitude. some of the customers actually cheered me up surprisingly! some lady wanted to give me this big tip *our tips are communal =P * but she did it with her credit card so who knows. maybe ill get something for myself?
im looking forward to getting paid i can tell you that much =P
the manager is awesome though. i never knew someone could be that friendly. everytime hes talking to the customers im always scared i screwed up..but no..hes just talking to them and asking them how they like everything and stuff. hes just that nice.

i need out of my
mom cancelled the cable service, one of my only forms of entertainment since the internet has proven itself dissatisfying and now that i have a job i cant talk to tavis as much as i used to. lovely mom. she didnt even tell me! i was wondering why all the channels are funny. all we get is the tv-guide channel, TBS, some christian station that plays christian music videos *i was hoping theyd play five iron frenzy but..nah..but at least they played the supertones.*, fox *thank god*, and maybe one or two news channels. BAH! i need more news!!!! i dont even get fox news anymore! she did it to save money. she could save money by not have gotten married >_<

im thinking of going to CSI *college of staten island..not the show =P *
early. i dont think im going to make it till next winter at this rate. my original plan was to stay with mom and go to palomar but..jesus! i cant take it anymore! *pulls hair out*
the only reason id be sad about leaving is cuz of dad, travis and grandma *all my other friends are leaving*
but id definitely be coming back to visit, and dad has frequent flyer miles and loves new york so yay thats a plus =)id love for him to stay at my "fixed up" non existant appartment =D
ah thats a dream. a dream that will soon turn nightmare i imagine but right now im looking for a quick fix. im at my wits end, and im going crazy.

would you like sour cream on your baked potato? =P
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