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Workin at the car wash, yeah...

Why is it that everytime i go to the car wash unescorted i get hit on/flirted with? I swear its annoying, i have to always bring a male with me or im doomed to experience the cheap pick up lines. Only today, i was in a hurry and didn't think to ask if Kura could come with me and Tiffany (Tiffalynx) was doing her homework so i figured id go and then come back. Well i was there and this big black guy with a nametag that said "THE MAN-EMANUEL" no joke..that was on his nametag, helped me. He saw me and goes " well hello there!" in a flirty way. Then, i go, hi how are you? he goes "well just fine thanks....thats it? just a soda and a car wash?" im like..yeah. he hands me my stuff and goes to shake my hand and gives me this dainty "m'lady" hand shake and goes "you have a great day now". now that was nice, granted, it wasnt as bad as last time.
Heres what happened last time...this was long before Engel and i were together so its hard for me to remember the details:

I was sitting and waiting for my car and this icky looking scrawny guy who worked there came up to me and goes "waiting for something?"
i go "yeah, my car, i mean, this IS a carwash isnt it?"
he goes "Touche. *grabs my hair* my what pretty hair you have" *i grab his hand away* Thank you, look but dont touch.
he goes "would you mind taking off your sunglasses for me? i bet you have pretty eyes"
i take off my sunglasses, look at him and go *There, happy? now go away, my cars almost ready*
he goes "wow i love blue eyes! theyre so beautiful! say, have you met my friend Barry?"
hoping that my car would be ready by the time he returned with "Barry" i said, why no, but id love to meet him.
so he runs off and brings this buzz haired cute guy named Barry who went to my school. We got to talking and stuff and Alex *the original offender* was left in the dust and kept trying to get back into the conversation, but to no avail. My car was then ready and i left and said goodbye to Barry, leaving Alex to wonder if i noticed him.
Now, im normally not a bitch like that, but when i get scared *and believe me, i WAS, when someone grabs my hair like that i flip out cuz i dont know what theyre going to do* i get mean sometimes. And its also best to not encourage unwanted behaviour, much like when training pets =)
Good boy Alex, now go fetch some cyanide in your mouth!
at least my car's clean...

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