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gah. ever since i started working i have no time for anything else =(
and that makes me sad *sigh*

tonight was EXTREMELY busy and everything went wrong:

-first, i kept messing up when ringing up peoples orders during the first half an hour *was so out of it*
-i had to make a bunch of customers wait because id have to get someone to help me do something or i screwed up
-people got mad at me because i cant let them use more than one coupon. *um..duh?*
-when i hit the button that substituted baked potato for grilled vegitables, the "grilled vegitables" never showed up on the ticket that goes to the cook, so people kept coming up to me and saying "hey i never got my veggies!" =P had to get that fixed
-we ran out of club salads
-some guys baked potato wasnt "baked" and we ran out of other baked potatoes so we couldnt give him another one
-some lady had a coupon for a free dessert and the coupon thing didnt work right so it shows up that i charged her for a dessert when i didnt. im prolly gonna get hell monday.
-i didnt get to take my break until half an hour before i had to leave cuz it was so insane and Robert kept saying "no"
-it was 10 minutes after i was supposed to be off shift and i go in and say "hey Robert?"
and he goes "Nicole if you ask me to leave right now im going to be VERY upset!"
i said "um...actually i was just wondering if there was anything..."
"fine ill go clean tables -sigh-"

i swore to myself id never work in fast food, and though this isnt technically fast food, seeing my reflection carrying out other peoples trash just made a little part of me die inside =(

now im going to go talk to my wuffy, hes the highlight of my evening seeing as how i spent the day being crazy with leather and watching the sound of music. im oh so dull sometimes =P
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