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i dont want to be online right now. i want to lie down, but if i dont take advantage of this time then Tav and i wont be able to work together on the site for a bit. *sigh*
i asked dad for no wakeup call tomorrow. he seemed offended, but sometimes i dont think he gets it.

i told him ill spend all day with him tomorrow but my day starts around 11 ish. on weekends dad is known to call me up at 8:30-9:30 JUST TO WAKE ME UP. he says im sleeping the day away. its my weekend, shouldnt i be allowed to sleep my day away if i want to?
i didnt ask for a wakeup call, why am i getting one? *sigh* i told him im thinking of shutting off my phone and unplugging the house phones on weekends, but then when tav comes home late he cant say goodnight, and at that point im so groggy i dont even think 'gee. i should shut off my phone'

rarr zzZZZZZzzzzzz
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