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ive been drawing lots lately. lots of little sketches..lots of wolves. nothing ive felt "driven" to color though. i have this huge urge to do a big elaborate piece, but my focus, time and energy just wont permit it. i have a very short attention span when it comes to projects. i will not focus on anything for too long...i get bored very quickly. of course i may come back to it, but theres not always that guarantee. i forget about things often or find something new...and pretty soon the "project of the week" will soon replace that. i cant commit. does anyone else have this problem?

music sometimes helps me. especially new age and instrumental stuff. i love this reminds me of so much though and i cant focus on just one thing.

im redoing the "Tracking" sketch. i figured while im on an "okay anatomy..pretty okay wolf drawing" spree i might as well take advantage of that.
i go through different "sprees" of artistic knowledge. one week, i can draw wolves like nobodys business..the next i cant draw them for crap, but i can draw humans. never both. it sucks. sometimes i just flat out move onto a different species, but thats another problem, because most other species dont interest me. big cats, for me, are hard to draw. i more often than not draw lions or tigers. theyre what im most familiar with. doesnt mean theyre my favorite, im just most familiar with them.

i cant draw backgrounds, no matter how hard i try.

Kura cant come over to pose for me so i had to rely on corbis *blarg*

i dont have a full length mirror, and im so short that even if i stand on the toilet to see the large mirror in the background i cant do the crouching pose i want and be able to see my legs.
i have prints on my wall from Xian, StarFinder, DC, and Kyoht. they all inspire me..but everytime i look at them it reminds me that i cant draw =P

this sucks. im wondering if i made the wrong career choice.
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