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so hard to explain

i was doodling at work yesterday. i had had an encounter with a phone order where the lady asked me "and how many ounces of chicken and how many ounces of beef are in your club salad? exactly? may i add more chicken? will it be cold? is it deep fried?" now..our club salads are premade, so if i were to figure this out id have to crack one open, and weigh it =P

so i drew that encounter, basically it was just me getting yelled at on the phone. and everyone came over and asked "whos the dog?"
i said "me."
theyre like, "aww..but youre not a bitch!"
i said "who said i was?"
they said "its representative right?"
i said "yes, but not in that way. im a wolf dog because im loyal yet wild"
then theyre like, "are you native american?"
i said.."yeah..sure. cherokee, the slut of all nations." and i was wearing my coyote claw didnt help much.
so now they think im one of those "one with the earth and sky" natives *facedesks*

on a plus side i didnt have to explain furry, and one of my co-workers, angela, said she would be a hippo if she was an animal, and her boyfriend would be a meerkat. shes not fat at all, in fact shes very pretty and i dont know where hippo comes in. she doesnt even have big teeth. ah well whatever.

Robert took away my doodle pad *blush* =P but he showed it off to all the customers so thats a plus. i felt bad that my doodle was of a horrible experience with a phone customer but he laughed, cuz that woman KEPT calling back asking stupid questions and saying "ill call you back still deciding what i want"
*rolls eyes*

too funny
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