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good day

but first, some quizzes...

I'm a cupcake!

Which Tim Curry Are You? by ClicksandBuzzes

and this is by far Tim Curry's sexiest role ever. rowr =D

I'm a cupcake!

Which Ralph Wiggumism Are You? by ClicksandBuzzes

okie i needed that.

i had a good day today. I went with dad, june and joy to breakfast at the original pancake house. we got a German pancake. mmm =) dad accidentally squirted Joy in the eye with lemon juice and she started bawling. it doesnt hurt that bad. youre how old? 15? grow up =P besides...its chock full of citrus-y goodness =D

then we went to downtown san diego and milled around for a bit. we passed Thorn st. and of COURSE we had to get some pictures.
then we went to the Hornblower Ferry and that took us across San Diego bay to coronado island where we had a picnic in the grass. there was live music and the day was beautiful, a little windy, but just enough to cool ya down if it got too hot. we had roast beef sandwiches and i got to feed the pigeons. normally i wouldnt do that, but they seemed harmless. i got one to eat out of my hand. =) i even grabbed one of em when they got close. what can i say? my instincts kicked an avid bird chaser and my dream has always been to catch i did =D
dad thought i was beating it up though =P
yeah..cuz im SOOO abusive lol!

i ran around the dock chasing the birds and i took a nap in the grass. i should really get out more. i miss my bike. id like to take it for a ride down there sometime, or even just get out and ride more when we have more days like this.

i love san diego. i love california. its paradise here. sure id like a change of scenery at some you cant be in the same spot for all of your life..but i do enjoy it here. its gorgeous.

i have tons of pictures, ill post them later tonight when dad e-mails them to me. =)

mrrr..i love my city. *feels warm and fuzzy inside*
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