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I should really eat something..

This is what happens when im hungry and tired....

ZER! she drew a really cute pic of me so i drew this for her, and cuz shes awesome

and also i think ive come up with a watermark, if not just a temporary one. i think THIS image will definitely scare off art thieves whaddaya think? ;)

i should really eat something. laziness/depression/business has prevented me from doing so. in the past four days here is a log of what i have eaten:

A bagel sandwich
2 cholupas
part of a half of a filet mignon steak
several glasses of milk

the end. yep thats it. i just see no motivation. when i get depressed/busy i tend to not eat and...well...yeah im hungry, but ive lost the will. no im not anorexic just busy. *sigh* and i dont feel like going outside...its nice out..but i dont like seeing people. ill go through a drive through...
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