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once again..

GrayWolf, that coyote face just does NOT want to leave this state. it came back....AGAIN. im going to have to go to the post office and raise hell. sorry you havent gotten it yet. i have no idea whats going on =P

my day off:

got woken up a million times
went to a dentist appointment in del mar
went to olive garden got some portabello ravioli *drool*
went to amy's house and hung out with her and gary
watched Van Wilder
now im alone, and cleaning house. how utterly boring.

im debating on whether or not hanging out with couples is good for me. ive been hanging out with Travis and Nell a bit and then Amy and Gary...i hope im not a third wheel. i enjoy them though. least they dont make me feel horribly uncomfortable like some people do. thanks for letting me hang out with you guys =)

*looks down* wow...i can see my floor!
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