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ew doctors

i hate physicals

i went to the doctor today. had a physical, had to get a blood test. i nearly pass out everytime..i dont know why. its not like i cant stand the sight of blood, i think its my own blood i freak out over..not if im cut..but the fact that vials of my own fluids are being stored away, its just creepy =P not to mention i hate having a needlei n my arm for more than 2 seconds. i have to close my eyes everytime.

i hate it when they make you pee in a cup. its one of the most humiliating experiences ever. then mom comes up to me afterwards and asks me.."so? were you able to pee in the cup?" wtf? i interrupted and said..YEAH! shh! it would be one thing if she just casually talked quietly to me. but no...she hunches over and sneaks up to me whispering loudly as if to make it extremely obvious what shes asking. then she goes and says i treat her the way my aunt treats my grandma..just cuz i odnt like to be asked those types of things in public. god! mom knows im a private person..i dont need people asking me how my bladder was embarrassing enough that i had to sit in a cold room on a napkin being asked if i was there for a pap or not. you should have seen my face when she asked me that. im like "GOOD GOD NO! im just here for a physical!" 0_o *shudders*

the doctors office is humiliating. and to think someone actually goes to SCHOOL to learn to poke and prod people.

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