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my honey *tries* to take care of me but i just wont listen.... - The art of Thornwolf — LiveJournal
my honey *tries* to take care of me but i just wont listen....
On the subject of nourishment:

NicoleSD: im really hot
NicoleSD: and i havent eaten much
NicoleSD: i should eat
NicoleSD: i think im going to die of heat exhaustion
BeeperBomb: you should drink something.
NicoleSD: drink what
BeeperBomb: anything.
BeeperBomb: water.
NicoleSD: *sigh*
BeeperBomb: what?
BeeperBomb: I know you dont like it.
BeeperBomb: but its good for you.
NicoleSD: its yucky and tasteless
NicoleSD: water is yucky
BeeperBomb: I know you think it is.
NicoleSD: *gag* and theres unknown things in it
NicoleSD: there could be sperm in it
BeeperBomb: not in my water.
NicoleSD: well.....
NicoleSD: um....
NicoleSD: california water is gross
BeeperBomb: -sticks his tongue out-
NicoleSD: *bites it*
BeeperBomb: yum. =)
NicoleSD: lol
BeeperBomb: LoL

On the subject of laziness:

BeeperBomb: umm... whats ya do today?
NicoleSD: drew a little
BeeperBomb: thats it?
NicoleSD: *sigh* yes
NicoleSD: *looks down in shame*
NicoleSD: "Link toThornwolf's journal" this is all i did today
BeeperBomb: -lick-
NicoleSD: *lick*
NicoleSD: *nuzz*
NicoleSD: i wuff you
BeeperBomb: aww.
BeeperBomb: -snuggle-
NicoleSD: yay *holds* I NEED LOVE!!
BeeperBomb: so do i. :p
NicoleSD: *love*

thank you for that dear *nuzz*

I also got to talk to Becky Sparks today. Shes very nice! =) she too had to suffer a Reno Maxwell art trade though *tsk tsk tsk* tis a shame...

to give you an example, this is my trade i did with her awhile back:

and this is her trade. Yes, she drew me one of HER characters the first time around:

I dont get it, is it some sort of retarded eat monster fetus? Whatever it is, its not me.

Then, after i explained to her the concept of an art trade, she somehow came up with this:

i dont wear clothes. why am i sleeping in the middle of the forest? did i use a straightener on my hair? where is my tail coming from anyway?
*sigh* its not that im bashing her artwork necessarily its just she could have spent a little more time on it rather than taking shortcuts and hiding me behind a tree and under clothes. *grr* i hate it when you give people your all and they give you 20%

ah well..heres tavis again to cheer me up =) BEWARE THE MUSHY SWEETNESS!

BeeperBomb: -yoink- -grabs you again-
NicoleSD: hey! no yoinking allowed
BeeperBomb: hehe
BeeperBomb: -hugs you really tight- I love you so much.
NicoleSD: *hugs you even tighter* i love you more
BeeperBomb: -kisses you on the lips- no, I love you more.
NicoleSD: no....no thats an impossibility
NicoleSD: *kiss* cuz i love you more
BeeperBomb: no no no. -kisskisskiss- I love you more.
NicoleSD: no....no no no no no...*kisskiss kiss times a million* i love you most!
BeeperBomb: -snuggles-

i wuff him =)

Current Mood: cheerful cheerful
Current Music: David Bowie and Queen - Pressure

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arbeywolf From: arbeywolf Date: August 1st, 2002 02:33 pm (UTC) (Link)
Daaaaw! You two are too cute :)

As for the trade, yup I got burned with my very first trade so haven't done any since. I basically killed myself over their drawing, agonized over the details etc, and they threw some sad picasso/stick figure/crappy woof at me that looks like it maybe took 2 minutes...maybe.
From: ex_ravidwolf599 Date: August 1st, 2002 03:10 pm (UTC) (Link)
Actually... that drawing took me 3 minutes RB... lol (kidding... that sure as hell wasn't me..) Meh, kinda sad you got scamped on an art trade thorn.. Oo; Your drawings need to be in the art "hall of fame" or something.. while the others look like the need to just be hidden from the rest of the world. LoL.. That may have been a run over, but atleast you have Tav there to brighten up yer day. =p
arbeywolf From: arbeywolf Date: August 1st, 2002 05:39 pm (UTC) (Link)
Aha! So it was you! *pounces* lol
From: (Anonymous) Date: August 2nd, 2002 12:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Ah! Cuteness overload yet again! *falls over*

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