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my honey *tries* to take care of me but i just wont listen....

On the subject of nourishment:

NicoleSD: im really hot
NicoleSD: and i havent eaten much
NicoleSD: i should eat
NicoleSD: i think im going to die of heat exhaustion
BeeperBomb: you should drink something.
NicoleSD: drink what
BeeperBomb: anything.
BeeperBomb: water.
NicoleSD: *sigh*
BeeperBomb: what?
BeeperBomb: I know you dont like it.
BeeperBomb: but its good for you.
NicoleSD: its yucky and tasteless
NicoleSD: water is yucky
BeeperBomb: I know you think it is.
NicoleSD: *gag* and theres unknown things in it
NicoleSD: there could be sperm in it
BeeperBomb: not in my water.
NicoleSD: well.....
NicoleSD: um....
NicoleSD: california water is gross
BeeperBomb: -sticks his tongue out-
NicoleSD: *bites it*
BeeperBomb: yum. =)
NicoleSD: lol
BeeperBomb: LoL

On the subject of laziness:

BeeperBomb: umm... whats ya do today?
NicoleSD: drew a little
BeeperBomb: thats it?
NicoleSD: *sigh* yes
NicoleSD: *looks down in shame*
NicoleSD: "Link toThornwolf's journal" this is all i did today
BeeperBomb: -lick-
NicoleSD: *lick*
NicoleSD: *nuzz*
NicoleSD: i wuff you
BeeperBomb: aww.
BeeperBomb: -snuggle-
NicoleSD: yay *holds* I NEED LOVE!!
BeeperBomb: so do i. :p
NicoleSD: *love*

thank you for that dear *nuzz*

I also got to talk to Becky Sparks today. Shes very nice! =) she too had to suffer a Reno Maxwell art trade though *tsk tsk tsk* tis a shame...

to give you an example, this is my trade i did with her awhile back:

and this is her trade. Yes, she drew me one of HER characters the first time around:
I dont get it, is it some sort of retarded eat monster fetus? Whatever it is, its not me.

Then, after i explained to her the concept of an art trade, she somehow came up with this:

i dont wear clothes. why am i sleeping in the middle of the forest? did i use a straightener on my hair? where is my tail coming from anyway?
*sigh* its not that im bashing her artwork necessarily its just she could have spent a little more time on it rather than taking shortcuts and hiding me behind a tree and under clothes. *grr* i hate it when you give people your all and they give you 20%

ah well..heres tavis again to cheer me up =) BEWARE THE MUSHY SWEETNESS!

BeeperBomb: -yoink- -grabs you again-
NicoleSD: hey! no yoinking allowed
BeeperBomb: hehe
BeeperBomb: -hugs you really tight- I love you so much.
NicoleSD: *hugs you even tighter* i love you more
BeeperBomb: -kisses you on the lips- no, I love you more.
NicoleSD: thats an impossibility
NicoleSD: *kiss* cuz i love you more
BeeperBomb: no no no. -kisskisskiss- I love you more.
NicoleSD: no no no no...*kisskiss kiss times a million* i love you most!
BeeperBomb: -snuggles-

i wuff him =)
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