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I love you kimbo!

Lookie what she drew for me =) *cheers up*

hope that link works.

wowzers, im just getting all kinds of piccies from people *feels loved*


By the way, i would like to say a few thank yous to people who have helped me during the past few weeks of upset/depression/god knows what.

Silver-Thanks for being such a great friend and helping me out with my commissions, i think that guy from italy saw your little ad on your site for my commissions. =)

Kimbo-thank you for the lovely drawing it really made my day. I also appreciate your funny comments and kind words

Winter- Youve helped me out so much with your sense of humor and being such an awesome buddy. Thanks so much for that beautiful pic once again.

Engel (Tavis) - well what can i say to the man i love other than....thank you for always being there for me no matter what. i love you *kiss* Looking forward to seeing you in NY on the 8th, love. Thanks to these kind people i am able to do so

Tiffalynx- Well, seeing as how youre one of my best friends i think you know how i feel about ya. I love ya Tiff *huggles* Thanks for scaring off the cops for me with your evil glares =) Thanks for hanging out with me too cuz im *such a loser i only have you to hang out with on the weekends* jk!

CW- you were my first friend on TIB and your witty comments and gift of conversation have been a blessing

Frisket (Melissa)- Im glad we have gotten chances to talk and make each other laugh, i really enjoy it =)

Wynd -well..i love ya. thats all there is to it! you are wicked awesome and a great pack buddy =)

Rogue- i enjoy your comments to my posts and your opinions on tough issues. They are taken to heart and have guided me.

Arbey- thanks for always talking to me and reassuring me. *hugs* i enjoy talking with you as it makes me feel comforted and loved

Desert Coyote- your good attitude always cheers me up and i appreciate your openness to talk with this little *rabid fan* lol

Pardo-Im glad we have become friends. Your comments and support give my ego that little extra boost it needs. Thank you also for commissioning me to draw your picture. Its an honor

Ravid-your humor always makes me laugh. Thanks for speaking your mind even if it leads to you getting beat up in the end ;)

Radar- even if its through CW i enjoy talking to you. Youre like the forum "mom" and i always enjoy hearing your opinion on things, ESPECIALLY the baltowolfy issue, lol!

Vesta- Thanks chatting as well as commissioning me and i only hope you know that if you need me im here for ya =)

Fluke- changing my title from Cave Canem to "omega wolf all mess" then back again was just the "run for my money" i needed to liven up a normally dull day ;)

Jerry- im glad that through you commissioning me we have become friends. I hope that the finished work pleases you ;)

This is mainly a list of people i have talked to recently who have helped me a bunch just by either talking to me or even just commenting on my posts. if you are not listed, please dont feel bad, because i most likely just dont know you.
Notes to Sabarika, Pinkpuppybelly and Zer. you guys rock =)

As for commissions, all those of you who have commissioned me to do drawings during this whole NY fund whether it be for my plane ticket or survival money, thank you. Thank you from the pit of my stomach which is deeper than the bottom of my heart. If i have not already completed it, i assure you i will pour my heart and soul into each and every piece i do for you, my friends.

Love you guys and thanks again for everything
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