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*STAB!!* im technically "off the clock" at "off the grill" but i decide to answer one more phonecall. BIG mistake. HUGE.

*ring ring*
me: thank you for calling off the grill this is Nicole speaking how can i help you?
caller with a southern 'look at me im ghetto' accent: who is this?
me: Nicole
caller: who?!
me: Nicole..from off the grill..this is a restaurant
caller: what? spell it
me: O-F-F T-H-E G-R-I-L-L
caller: what funny names parents are calling their children these days, my stars...
me: right.
caller: hello mmhmm i wanna delivery to such and such address and such and such number and i want this this this and this
me: woah woah..hang on..can i get your phone number please?
caller:well can i just order now cuz i got people waiting to eat here!
me: i need to get your address if its for delivery ma'am
caller: yeah okay so i want 2 lemonades, last time i ordered they forgot my soft drinks and i should be owed the last two but im gonna order em again anyways and i want this..wait no..i want this..
me: want..the beef tips?
caller: no..i changed my mind..i want the ribeye.
me: 9 oz or 12 oz
caller: 14 oz.
me: only comes in 9 oz or 12 oz
caller: FINE fine fine ill get the sirloin mmhmm yeah
me: how would you like that cooked?
caller: medium rare. i dont want it pink
me: so you want it medium rare..but you DONT want it pink?
caller: no'm
me: so you want it well..
caller: whatever.
me: what would you like on your baked potato
caller: they never put enough sour cream on it. put extra extra sour cream. on the side mmhmm
me: everything comes on the side ma'am
caller: yeah. ON THE SIDE! mmhmm dont put it on there yet
me: what kind of salad dressing do you want?
caller: sour cream
me: sour cream?
caller: yes'm
me: you want sour cream on your SALAD?
caller: yeah mhmm. you never give me enough sour cream for my potato
me: what kind of SALAD DRESSING would you like?
caller: sour cream
me: serious?
caller: mmhmm i want something creamy with cheese mmmhmm
me: 0_o blue cheese?
caller: NO! CEASAR!!! i told you CEASER! mmhmm
me: FINE! CEASER! IM PUTTING CEASER DRESSING ON YOUR SALAD! ill give you your extra sour cream for your potato *all said with a big grin btw*
caller: good. thats fine then.
me: and how will you be paying for this?
caller: funny thing about that gonna put it on my credit card. and its a Visa. and make sure those drinks are on there! i wanted a dr. pepper and a lemonade.
me: thats fine ma'am, but we dont have dr. pepper.
caller: fine. do you have something lemony then?
me: um..lemonade?
caller: sure. fine. whatever mmhmm
me: thats gonna be 45 minutes..mmhmm..bye >_<

*KILL!* it was funny though.

another thing..i hate it when people confidently order a salad, yet when i ask them what kind of salad dressing theyd like on it, theyre dumbfounded and have to stare at the menu another 10 minutes 0_o

dressing? what dressing? you mean it comes with dressing too?!
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