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furry community? WHAT furry community?

light rant....yeah right.

okay. talking with tavis the other night, we started talking about how were not exactly furries and were not weres..we just act like animals..enjoy artwork, enjoy just BEING us. sure we like to meet fellow furs..but not those that use buzzwords or try to be in with the in-crowd. for example:

ive met some nice kids..*when i say kid..theyre often older than me...but...* but i would consider some "furry FANs". what they do- use buzzwords common to the fandom but use them when people say "yeah and i was looking FUR something good to eat in the FURidge". its just..forced. *bad example but you KNOW what i mean* and its obnoxious. now when its not forced (like when Meezer says "purrfect") then thats okay and cute =)..because its her being herself. but its clear that some people are just furry newbies and are trying a tad too hard. no offense to them...theyre nice..but..boring. also..some are on furcadia and feel that that is furry LIFE as we know it and nothing else exists. ive NEVER been on furcadia and look how many furs i know! go on..count my friends list..and those are just the people who have LJ's. =/ its like saying im a texan just cuz i stopped at a gas station there once.

so yeah..furry FAN but..fur? is there a difference? i think there should be. cuz i would NOT consider myself under the same classification/belief system as him in regards to my "furry" self =P

then theres the people that just take it above and beyond..just..WAY too seriously. not down on you weres or anything..but hello..."i AM that pink fluffy striped dragonfox...its who i am on the INSIDE. i SWEAR. ive SEEN my wereside and its ALL around us." >_< please. you were probably high if you saw it. at least an arctic fox *hugs nar nar*or a normal colored cougar is believable. coloring your character to your own personal preference is one thing.but believing something like that could actually exist..much less exist somewhere in your wacko its my opinion yes..but thats fucked up. ive never personally KNOWN anyone like this *hence my friends list consists of you guys* but you know theyre out there. i mean..come on..*cough*wolfhome*cough*

so where do i stand?
-i dont openly wear a tail and cuz there has to be some level of respect for those around you in mundane life as it might confuse them...and also cuz i dont have any decent pair
-i dont believe i am fact...shes just a a screen name..that i use to represent myself. if i have to represent my TRUE self..its niko...shes fur..and a tail =P but i dont think that i am HER per se. i just woke up one day and thought "gee..what would i look like as an animal..oh here we go!"
-i dont think theres an animal inside me. *burp*aroo!...oops. i just act animal -like
-i act like an animal because thats how i act. its how ive always acted. ask my mother. i have ALWAYS done it. Tav too..we just supress it because of..well...childhood taunting or fear of "fitting in".
you get to know us well enough and well open up for ya.
-i love the art, but i dont wanna get involved in the drama..*which im going to discuss in a minute*

so..what am i? i honestly think there should be another classification. not furry. not were. something else. Tav and i tried to come up with a name for it. *and no im not trying to start some kind of anti fur revolution..duh.* cant think of one. but..meh. i dont feel "right" anymore. its almost like im not "worthy" of being a fur cuz i dont meet all the classification requirements or something. i use "fur" as a general term..but if i had to say im a loose cross between a fur and a were..with only the basics in mind =P thats actually also the kind of christian i am. i dont wanna get into the nitty gritty..i just believe in god and jesus and no one can persuade me otherwise.

so..on with the rant about this so called "community" weve made for ourselves.

ever notice how lately the community has been nothing but a bunch of bitches bitching about other bitches? whats up with that? what happened to good old fashioned furry fun? now its just a bunch of kiddies with odd weresides going OMG OMG OMG all the time. theyre not in touch with themselves enough to stop and think " being ridiculous.." but then again..being a fur is a tad ridiculous in itself now..isnt it? have you even stopped to think about how the world views us? not that i least dont make us look bad. i can tell you one CONSTANTLY getting associated with the "undesireable" furs just because of the percentage of them..such as..furverts, newbies, twinks etc. now..that hurts. just me. i draw furs, i love animals..and im just sweet little ol thorny. do i deserve that? i never classify anyone right off the bat just cuz of what things they least take the time to get to know someone first =*(

one major point...

artists ripping artists off:

okay, this is a sore subject for everyone im sure..but then it gets to a point where if you steal the same shade or tone of someones character..not even used in the same context..its like....OMG! U STOLE RED # C42323 !!! THATS MINE!!! OMG!
thats a little much. ive seen it. its stupid..but it happens. ive been also seeing lately that people have "style" rips. wtf? i always thought that in order t be a good artist you take the aspects of art that you like from other people and apply it to your own. this doesnt mean "totally rip it off" but merely blend it. for example..huskies and sabbys pics arent exactly alike. do they adopt each others style? yes..they do..but i can tell you one me ANY sabarika pic and ANY huskie pic and cover up the copyrights and i can tell you who drew them. they are that different. and both equally as good in my own eyes *hugs you guys* sorry for using you as an example..

starfinder..i hope she wont mind me using her as an example and its in no way in negative context and she knows i love her..BUT...people have said she rips of kyohts style. thats bullshit. pure..bullshit. can you tell the diff between ky's and stars art? no duh! so can i! besides..theres only so many ways to draw weres without having to copy SOMETHING. she has original ideas that are in no way similar to kyohts..for example..those flying wolf parrot thingies? yeah. show me a kyoht drawing that has one of those. i dare you to show me even one. if anything starfinders style has evolved quite a bit over the past couple of years from what ive seen..and though she may adopt certain things from kyoht..she applied them to her own style and gave it that unique starfinder touch. everyone goes through changes before finding their niche. hell, i havent exactly found mine yet. coincidences to happen..and will always happen, but thats no reason to get huffy about it.

oh..and the backstabbing..needs to stop. dont think that just because my EZBoard account is suspended due to technical difficulties that i dont look at forums. no..thank god no one has talked about me *yet* or *to my knowledge* that ive made this post *which is my own opinion, and is in fact on MY own journal..*..but ive been reading posts that involve people..other artists..shooting each other down when theyre proud of their work. now why is that? and why do people go on public forums and talk crap about other artists saying "they need to die" or someshit just because they have a style you dont particularly like. is it really that serious? cuz if it need help. everyone knows who reads my friends only LJ posts that i dont like a certain persons art..but thats my own preference. i dont go mentioning their name in public or saying they need to die or anything..or being violent against them. and not just talking about sabbys shitpot. that forum is MADE for that kind of thing..but i see it at oakpaws too among other places. its like people get joy out of making others feel bad. sadists i tell you. =P

IMO this is what i said to my buddy Westly when we were chatting on the subject.." they should spend less time bitching and more time improving on their art." =P notice how i dont dwell on things. i try to get along with everyone i meet. im that type of wolf...i LOVE nice people. but im also not horribly vengeful either. i let things go. something i think others need to do as well if were going to maintain a sense of "community" in this fandom or whatever you may call it now. *fandom..another thing that bugs a fur..not a FAN*

i mean seriously...i dont get it..this is supposed to be like this safe environment where people go to share similar interest..not get trashed by each other in stupid highschool drama even when most of the more "respectable" furs are far into their late 20s early 30s and older. i cant even tell you how many times ive seen a furry or a were say they cant take it anymore because everyones so dramatic. it hurts me to see this, because i care for them, and i sympathize for what theyre going through. it sucks when the place you feel safe and you can freely express youself turns against you. not message boards or galleries, but the sense of community as a whole. it really doesnt have to be this way. it doesnt. its a total shame.

the furries i admire and who i consider "original" and "non dramatic" are those like XianJaguar, Megan Giles, Katarina, Nduli amongst others...who from what /ive/ noticed...stay out of the drama. and i admire them all the more for that. its something ive tried to do myself, but in my effort to make "furry" friends, i somehow get sucked into it. pulling myself back out cuz i dont wanna get burned too.

wolfhome, oakpaws, various message boards..whatever..all are sources of drama. ive left wolfhome..oakpaws is abandoned from what i understand...and the only other message boards i frequent are yerf and the paleo pages. =/ ive been drama free as a result..and to be quite honest i like it a lot. i just get the "good" points of everyone and i dont get flamed for my "originality" or lack thereof..cuz anything i DO say, i say in my own journal. im not saying "oh now all you should just talk freely in your journal cuz this isnt a free country anymore." im just asking.."when did it get this bad?"
when did it get to be so hard to just "be a fur" and "talk to other furs" without worrying about drama ensuing?
popularity is a sham...the various phases will die out and soon another one will come along to take its place...*remember the road rovers thing? yeah..gone..long time ago...* and soon there will be newer artists for people to rip off and idolize. its all just make friends and be nice to each other for fucks sake. after all, were hard to find =/ might as well have fun with the ones you DO meet. i know i have a VERY hard time finding those furs i can connect with on a personal level. a couple who i consider dear friends live in other COUNTRIES much less across the country. its that hard for me. and we really connect.. not just art.not just a "fetish" or whatever else you can dish out....but im friends with them because theyre like me...theyre just....them. and they happen to act like animals ;) short..i may have committed "furry" suicide, but if i didnt say it, who will? i love being a fur..and you may take my popularity, but you cant take my "self" away from me.

community my ass. wake me when we can all just get along.
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