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i woke up in a bad mood. i dont want to say why, but my hackles are up and my chocolate bunny is feeling my wrath >=/ and surprisingly its not cuz of my parents. im just pissy.

at work, whenever Roberts on, he plays piped in christian music. dont get me wrong..its all fine and dandy when its in church..but in a steakhouse?! its not supertones or FIF or anything cool like that. hell..its not even UPBEAT christian music. its christian COUNTRY music which makes it horrible beyond belief! now when Dougs on and Roberts not there, he plays the 70's 80's mix station and we all get to rock out to Michael Jackson or Kiss. i can tell you one a lot more productive when my ears are happy. just something i had to get out. =P

going to go to a bake sale with Liz today, as if i dont have enough candy around here... mom gave me a 20 for the weekend, for gas and food and "other expenses". wtf? RAR! shes like " can eat sandwiches, or you can eat at your work.." *sigh* no joke but did she take into account that even though i get a discount work is still expensive? >=/ i mean..their burgers alone are like 6 bucks and thats before i get the mushrooms and my soup and stuff. i guess ill munch on a sandwich or something..cuz theyre not bland or anything *rolls eyes*
i have expensive taste. i have to get out of that habit. i really do. im used to Tav taking me out to sushi even though i know he cant do it all the time..but literally the last time i had sushi i think was when i was with him. that was in December 0_o *whine!* and he tells me when he eats it and stuff and it makes me miss it.

tanks on empty..gotta mooch off liz to help me out this not going to last through the weekend with the stuff i gotta do. =P stupid california..WHY CANT YOU HAVE A FUCKING TRANSIT SYSTEM!?

*kicks closet thing to her...* NO! MY TABLET! *harumph*
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