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its nice to be alone and responsible for yourself..

....sometimes. i think im going to have a new scar. theres a large divet taken out of my shin and i have no idea how i got there..all i know is i scratched it and it started bleeding profusely. i had to doctor it up myself...which i dont like doing. i like someone else doing it for makes me feel more loved =) *kiss yer booboo and make it better!* erm..maybe not =/ but at least i got a green bandaid =)

had a good night at work, it was cut short because my boss overheard me saying something about my research paper and he sent me home early to work on it. i got a lot done on it research wise. and i have to finish it tomorrow. im getting up early tomorrow to go to kinkos with tiff, then to breakfast/lunch with dad and grandma, then back with tiff to run some errands then i have to finish my paper. gah! what a day its gonna be =P

so manager let me go to k-mart and run personal errands for him instead of being a register jockey for about a half an hour. that was pleasant. he also said im the only person thats ever worked at his restaurant that got 100% on the food handling test 0_o. though thats awesome and all, it doesnt make me feel very reassured if most of the people working in the food industry dont know common sense when it comes to perishables. the whole test is like "Q:should i put milk in the fridge or leave it on the counter? a:fridge, b: counter, c: i love goats d: stop asking me so many questions im going insane....iiiiim gonna pick c" but its good to know that in my short time of working there im already trusted and efficient =)

and i brought liz soup, but she wasnt i just left it with her brother. and i had an awesome burger *drooooool* mushrooms...they are heaven's fungus =D

ok. gonna go maul the rest of my chocolate bunny and work on my paper now. adios
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